Vertical Climber vs Treadmill: Which is Better?

merax vertical climber

When regular cardio workouts just don’t do it for you, machines like treadmills, bike machines and most importantly, vertical climbing machines are great alternatives to take to get a fulfilling cardio workout that gets the heart pumping, blood flowing and calories burning. All the while improving fitness and health. If you are a part of the growing population struggling with obesity (36.5% of Americans), as noted by the center of disease control and prevention, then chances are, you are or will at some point in your lifetime, suffer from one of the several health related conditions that stem from obesity, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and or certain types of cancer. These are all great reasons to work on getting in shape. With the right diet and exercise, you can accomplish all of your fitness goals from maintaining a healthy body weight or improving your stamina and cardio endurance, if you are already at a healthy body weight and an avid gym goer. As a result, regardless of your current BMI, the vertical climbing machine can do wonders for your body, performance, and fitness.

There are several benefits to using a vertical climbing machine that you will find attractive as you embark on an exciting, yet fulfilling cardio journey. The biggest benefit that is most attractive to those seeking a healthier lifestyle, that machines like the vertical climbing machine can accomplish is, if you don’t necessarily want to immediately join a gym just yet, you can purchase a climbing machine and add it to your home gym, just to get you started as a beginner who may be too embarrassed or inconvenienced to go to the gym. Vertical climbing machines by no means, are for the weak, however. Although it’s a great way to get started quickly, you must be ready to feel the burn if you are a beginner. If cost is a factor to you, yes, these machines can be pricey, but the benefits outweigh the damage done to the bank account. The center of disease control and prevention also notes that obesity can be quite costly, the average cost for Americans in 2008 on medical expenses alone was $147 billion, which averages out to over $1,000 per individual, which on occasion, is far more money spent on medical costs than a basic vertical climbing machine.

As we mentioned, it is said that cardio exercise is a great way to lower your body fat by blasting it away and helping you keep it away. It’s no secret that calories give your body the energy it needs to sustain a rigorous workout like cardio or the use of a climbing machine. tells us that 1 pound is equal to 3,500 calories, and as a result, they say that “you need to burn 3,500 calories more than you take in to lose 1 pound”. According to, the vertical climber or “versaclimber,” burns more calories than any other machine out there, which is exciting, because all you would really need to do is burn 500 calories a day in conjunction with a healthy diet, just to lose one pound a week. Using a vertical climber for just 30 minutes a day, will probably burn more than 600 calories a day, getting you on the right track for fat burning success, which in turn can lead to faster results. This is just another added benefit that everyone can get on board with.

What makes this machine such a calorie burner? It’s the fact that it requires full body movement and delivers a full body workout, whereas most machines like a treadmill or bike machine, only offer a lower body cardio workout. When you engage your entire body in such a workout, this alone aids in maximizing the burning of calories, since you are using all of your muscle groups. This can help you tone, sculpt and shape every aspect of your physique as your upper body is challenged just as much as your lower body, while using your own body’s resistance.

Another added benefit from using a vertical climbing machine is that it offers a low impact cardio workout to your body. Treadmills and other machines alike, along with cardio class, can put strain on already tired joints and muscles, and it can even aggravate preexisting conditions such as arthritic conditions, back problems, or other physical ailments that may make it hard to endure a high impact cardio workout. The use of a vertical climber is a sure way to get in a good cardio workout without inconveniencing your joints or muscles any further.

Using a vertical climber is also beneficial for the fact that it is adjustable and versatile. It is easy to adjust to help maximize your workout, not only for your needs but for a sense of customization. You can speed up or slow down your progress based off of what works for you. This can also make it a progressive machine. Sure, you can adjust your speed on other machines as well, but the type of workout you get from the vertical climber, trumps that of other fitness machines.

All in all, yes, vertical climbers do work, the results people have gotten from the use, based off reviews and stories alone, is astounding, and most personal trainers recommend its use, overwhelmingly for cardio, calorie burning and weight loss. Whatever your fitness goals may be from picking up some sort of cardio workout, you will see fast results, with a low impact cardio workout, comfortably from your own home or in a gym, all from the vertical climber.

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