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The VersaClimber offers a full body workout alternative to traditional vertical exercise equipment, which tend to only work the lower half of the body. With a full body workout you burn more calories in less time, all while reaping greater cardiovascular benefits.

Key Features:

Full body vertical workout: It’s hard to get a full body workout, period. At the gym, working out the whole body tends to involve multiple machines and a lot of time. And if you think it’s difficult at the gym, it’s practically impossible in the privacy of your own home. The VersaClimber takes a new approach and allows you to get a vertical workout in your own home. And instead of just engaging your lower body, the VersaClimber works out the whole body. The result is burning more calories per workout session, better toning, and better cardiovascular health.

Engages all main muscle groups: Most vertical workout machines only exercise your lower body. This mainly means legs and buttocks—sometimes lower core. And that’s nice, but it’s not terribly efficient and promote healthy muscle tone in other regions of the body, like the arms. The VersaClimber engages all main muscle groups; you can feel the burn in not just your legs, but your arms, shoulders, chest, back, hips and butt. This allows for a better calorie burn, a more efficient workout, and better toning for the body overall, as opposed to just the lower body only.

No impact: Knee injuries can really throw a wrench into your ability to exercise. And it’s not just about pain; high impact exercise can damage injured knees, potentially requiring a surgical fix—no one wants that. The VersaClimber isn’t just low impact—it’s non-impact. This means those with bad backs, busted knees and aching joints can exercise with less risk of increasing existing damage.

Compact: One of the reasons people forgo buying their own workout equipment is there’s just not enough space in their homes—and that’s double true for apartments. Treadmills are big and bulky and take up way too much space to be practical for most residential settings. The VersaClimber, on the other hand, has a small footprint in your home compared to other exercise machines; it only needs 36” x 44” of floorspace to operate to its full potential. 

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The Verdict
When I set the VersaClimber H Consumer Model up in my house, I was immediately impressed with how sleek its profile was. Obviously, I knew that it was meant to be space-saving, but it was still pretty impressive to see that that turned out to actually be true, and not just some ploy to get you hooked.

I’ve worked out on elliptical machines and treadmills throughout my adult life, so I’m pretty well aware of how they feel during the workout and how they perform. I wanted to try out the VersaClimber to get the full body workout that is their claim to fame, so I was very interested to see how that worked out.

When I first worked out on the VersaClimber H, it was pretty easy. So, I took things up a notch—that’s when I felt the burn. My legs are great, if I do say so myself. I run and use the elliptical at the gym. But the climbing motion of the VersaClimber is a whole new experience and I really felt the extra kick in the butt and the back, especially. Furthermore, I felt great movement and a lot of burn in my arms, back and chest, as well as my core. I can easily see this being my go-to for cardio, period.

The Good

  • 3-year limited manufacturer warranty with 1 year parts and labor included
  • Operates silently so family and roommates won’t be disturbed
  • Non-impact—great for those with joint problems
  • Targets all major upper and lower body muscle groups—even arms, chest and shoulders
  • A full body vertical workout; most vertical workouts are limited to lower body only
  • Doesn’t take up a lot of space—especially compared to other vertical workout machines
  • Easy to read display
  • Optional heart rate monitor
  • Fast calorie burn thanks to full body training

The Bad

It weighs 86lbs. While that’s not too bad for home exercise equipment, and some weight is necessary for stability’s sake, 86lbs might be difficult for those with joint pain and injuries to maneuver by themselves.

What’s Included

The VersaClimber H Consumer Model comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty on the frame and electronics as well as 1-year on parts and labor.

Final verdict

The VersaClimber H Consumer Model is a space-saving and efficient way to exercise at home. It beats out other vertical exercise equipment by giving you a total body workout. For this reason, I highly recommend it to all of my friends who are looking to take their cardio to the next level.

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