Developing your gluteus and hamstrings is crucial for getting that much-needed edge in a variety of sports. Training with a glute and ham developer (GHD) like the ValorPRO CB-29 is the best way to do that, because it’s purpose-designed to recruit and target those specific muscle groups. 

Key Features

Resistance – The ValorPRO CB-29 Glute and Ham Developer features plate storage at the back of the machine, and comes with two band pegs. There are multiple points of insertion, so you can easily tailor the resistance level to meet your needs and increase it as your training progresses.

Adjustable footrests – One of the key components of any glute and ham developer is the footrest. This is what anchors you while you train, providing support for various types of GHD training. Because footrests are so pivotal to GHD training and safety, it’s important that they can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. The CB-29’s footrests can be moved horizontally or vertically and locked in place to get the perfect setting for your unique build.

Durability – Glute and ham developers take a lot of stress if you use them regularly, which makes durability a crucial aspect to look for in any GHD. The GHD isn’t just a means of exercise—it also provides safety and support while you do the exercises it facilitates, so it’s important that the glute and ham developer you choose can take that high level of stress. The ValorPro CB-29 is made with a heavy-duty steel frame and high density foam padding for the ultimate in support, durability and utility.

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