Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer Review

Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer

Design: Simple, yet a pleasant look. The spot of color that you will see on the black material will be the name of the product itself.

Key Features:

    • Increases your core heat levels during workouts, leading to increased sweat. As expected, this accelerates the process of eliminating toxins and reducing fat, leaving you with a well-defined midsection.
    • Comes with a Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer that, when applied to your ab area, will further increase your sweat, making for a solid combination with the waist trimmer.
    • Flexible shape and material. It can fit on various waist sizes, and it is easy to adjust. Simply stretch it until you find the most comfortable level that still keeps it tight on your abs and secure in its place.
    • High-quality materials. Made from neoprene, this waist trimmer ensures maximum sweating on your body, while repelling any moisture from getting absorbed into the belt material itself. This ensures proper hygiene and efficiency – you don’t want the trimmer’s functionality to be affected by outside influences.
  • Large and medium sizes available.

The Good:

    • It does the job advertised. The waist trimmer really serves to enhance sweating when exercising. This means that the benefits are increased as well, letting you gain more from the regular workouts.
    • A bottle of Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer is included, letting you achieve the maximum efficiency when combining it with the belt. This means that you can lose weight faster with both these products.
    • Comfortable. The belt is very flexible and easy to fit all sizes. Once secured, it stays in place while still allowing the users to move comfortably during their exercises.
    • Excellent body detoxification. Sweat is one of the ways your body uses to eliminate toxins and this belt accelerates the process. Regular use will make you healthier not just in terms of weight, but it will keep your body clean on the inside.
    • Fast results. A few weeks of daily use should be enough to see weight loss progress. Needless to say, that is if your diet is healthy and you are not consuming more calories than you are burning.
  • Included carrying bag.

The Bad:

    • Difficult to wash well. The belt has an odor on its materials that becomes even stronger once it mixes with body sweat. We didn’t manage to remove it in any way.
    • Can cause skin irritations in some cases. Leave it for a few minutes on your skin, during light exercises before starting using it for extended periods of time.
  • More expensive than the competition.
Sweet Sweat Premium Waister Trimmer
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The Verdict
The Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer performs quite well where it matters the most. When used during regular workouts, you do have the benefits of increased body temperature in your abdominal area: more sweating in the target area, faster weight loss, better detox and a slimmer midsection. The workout enhancer cream included does a solid job as well.

This trimmer is also very comfortable. The belt is flexible and easy to fit all sizes. Once secured, it stays in place while still allowing the users to move comfortably during their workout. You can tell as soon as you put it on that it is made of quality materials that will last.

The negatives are fairly insignificant compared to the positives. The price is higher than many competitors, but it can be explained by the superior materials used. And while it does have an odor that is hard to wash off, it is something we can get over since the core function is done right. I found that the smell dissipates after several uses.

Ultimately, this is a very high quality waist trimmer and one that we can safely recommend to anyone.

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