Naturopaths: Scam Artists or Miracle Workers?


Naturopathy is centered on natural medicine that helps to assist the body in its natural state for better functioning and healing. It is said to be a pseudo-scientific approach to healing and health maintenance. It is a strong profession reemerging, as we all strive for better, natural and healthier lifestyles. But what can the assistance of a naturopath really do for you?

What you can expect when you first see a naturopath doctor is that both naturopaths and doctors have a lot in common. They both have attended accredited schools, gone through much of the same coursework and have a general interest in helping others achieve better health. Your visit will likely range from 60 to 90 minutes, you will be asked what the desired outcome for yourself is. You will be asked about your diet, sleep patterns, and health conditions. They will then develop a natural treatment plan for you that includes natural remedies and other lifestyle changes to help you meet your goals. Yet, visiting a naturopath is not the same as visiting a regular doctor. As we mentioned, they focus a lot on lifestyle and sleep changes to help with your current state for better health and healing.

According to, they can help you establish the foundations for health. One of the biggest challenges we face when we take on a natural healthier lifestyle is the foods we eat. The type of foods we eat can really dictate how our body works. If you want to lose weight a naturopath can help, but if you have some sort of disease like celiac, IBS or anything else that is aggregated by food, a naturopath can help.

Although it sounds a lot like that of a nutritionist, the services you will receive from a naturopath are far different. They will get to the core of what outcome you want to achieve while evaluating in great detail the food that may be creating havoc on your body. Most importantly, if you just want to be healthy, a naturopath can certainly help guide a person that is unsure of the proper foods to eat to help maintain a healthier lifestyle and body weight.

Secondly, the site notes that the help of a naturopath can help a person treat an ailment that they didn’t even really know was initially an ailment to begin with. People experience headaches all of the time, but for some those become chronic. The help of a naturopath can help you get to the natural, root cause of what is causing the problem without having to experiment with potential harmful prescription medication that you would receive from a regular doctor. If you suffer from lack of energy, or you tend to bloat more often times than not, again, a naturopath can detail your lifestyle down to a “T” to further get to the root cause of what is ailing you.

Third, the site notes that the help of a naturopath can naturally help you with disease maintenance. If you suffer from disease and found that the medications prescribed have too many side effects, the help of a naturopath can certainly help you maintain your disease tenfold with natural ingredients and herbal supplements that will react with your body’s natural state much better while helping you maintain your condition. They do this by aiming for the cause of the disease and starting treatment from there to minimize symptoms.

Another reason a naturopath may be beneficial for you personally would be that they can offer a valued second opinion. Sure, so you have seen a doctor already, they have diagnosed you with something and now have written a prescription for something to help treat it. But do you really need it? Doctors do a great job at diagnosing and writing prescriptions, but do they really do a good job at answering our questions as to how it happened or why we suffer from it? A naturopath can do just that. Not only can they answer all of your questions, but they have the ability to look at your case objectively to identify whether or not the medication that was initially prescribed is truly needed and necessary. Again, just the simple detailing of a day in your life can actually give many answers and clues as to why you are experiencing the things you are experiencing. More often than not, we get sick and suffer from things because our bodies become unbalanced. The truth is, there are naturally occurring chemicals that are found in our bodies that we may be lacking, and we can often get from over the counter to improve our body’s chemical balance to maintain health issues. That’s where a naturopath can do wonders. So, if you are ever wanting a second opinion about treatment options or an illness you are experiencing, a naturopath can certainly help.

If you already live a healthy lifestyle and already take supplements as it is, another benefit from seeking the help is a naturopath would be that you can alter your regimen to your own specific needs. It never hurts to have a trained professional in on the game. Seeking the help of a professional in the daily supplements you buy and consume already from a natural health food store can help you tailor and personalize what you should and shouldn’t be taking to further help your body balance out for optimum health.

Lastly, the site notes that probably the most exciting part of seeing a naturopath if you really want to do things naturally is that they can act as your primary care physician. They go through the same biological science coursework and other coursework that doctors do before submitting themselves to a naturopath college. They can perform physical exams, diagnostics and lab testing, they can assess cases to make judgments or rulings on illnesses and disease by interpreting lab tests and results, and they can execute treatment plans and do all of the things that a normal doctor would do. The only difference is, it’s all natural.

As you can see, there are several benefits from seeking the help of a naturopath. It is a telethon profession as we mentioned before, and although we understand that people still have reservations because of horror stories once told over the internet about negligent providers, you shouldn’t let that scare you away from seeing one. It’s always good to have a regular doctor and a naturopath on your health care team to really get down to the bottom of why your body is reacting and is as symptomatic. It is also helpful to further decide what the best treatment options and courses of action are for your own personal needs.

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