Why You Should Eat More Saturated Fat

saturated fat

Not such a long time ago, the medical community established that fats should be excluded from our diets as if all fats were detrimental to our health. Later on the misconception changed, and monounsaturated fats were recognized as beneficial, while saturated fats and trans fats were pure evil. Now, once again, it appears that even these conclusions are far from the truth. It turns out that some saturated fats are not only healthy for you, but the human body actually needs saturated fats for a variety of vital health reasons that we will discuss in this article.

  1. Healthy bones

Everyone knows that calcium is a necessary mineral that promotes the health of the bones. But did you know that for this mineral to be properly incorporated into the bones, saturated fats play a significant role? An expert researcher in this domain, Mary Enig, highlighted the importance of including saturated fats into our diets for preserving the health of the bone system.

  1. Enhanced cardiovascular health

Did you know that implementing saturated fat into your diet is actually recommended for protecting your cardiovascular health? Such fats diminish the levels of lipoprotein (a), which is linked to an increased occurrence of heart disease. Concurrently, eating certain saturated fats significantly increases levels of HDL, which is the good form of cholesterol. It wasn’t long ago that egg yolks were considered bad for your health due to the cholesterol content. Now, it turns out that dietary cholesterol has almost no effect on your actual cholesterol levels, and the saturated fats in egg yolks may actually be heart healthy.

  1. It improves metabolism

Experts have linked saturated fat intake to better functioning metabolism by contributing to enhanced nerve signaling within the body. This translates into a number of benefits including optimized hormone levels and improving your body’s capability of burning fat.

  1. Healthy brain

You’ll be astonished to find out that the human brain encompasses mostly cholesterol and fat. The greater majority of people are acquainted with the astounding benefits of including unsaturated fats into their diet, which can be found in fish, particularly. However, note that a significant part of the brain is actually made of saturated fats. Excluding these from your diet can potentially jeopardize your brain’s health.

  1. Better immunity

Boosting your immunity is quintessential in preserving your overall health. In this direction, you should know that saturated fats such as lauric and myristic acid, which are primarily found in coconut oil, play a crucial part in improving your immunity. A diminished number of saturated fatty acids in the white blood cells also impairs the body’s ability to fight against foreign invaders. Interestingly enough, breast milk is loaded with lauric and myristic acid, which is part of the reason it has the capability of boosting the immune system of infants.

  1. Enhanced liver health

Adding saturated fats to your meals has been proven to promote the liver cells to dispose of their fat content. In addition, reducing the amount of fat in the liver is particularly important for preventing excess adipose fat (belly fat), which is a problem most of us regularly deal with. Concurrently, studies highlight that saturated fats safeguard the liver from the harmful impact that medication and alcohol have on the body.

When learning of all these health benefits of saturated fat, is important to note that not all saturated fats are healthy, and that fats in general are very high in calories. That said, it is important to include the right kinds of fats in your diet and in the right proportions. A diet too high in saturated fat can still cause a variety of heart and health issues, and like many other things it should be used in proper moderation.