The Best Weight Loss Shakes for Women

weight loss shakes

Weight loss shakes can be a big help while you are trying to get in shape. They give you the protein and energy you need and can replace entire meals. They are very convenient and easy to take with you on the go. However, not all weight loss shakes are created equally. Below is a quick buying guide to help you choose the best weight loss shake for your needs and a few of the top weight loss shakes that I recommend.


Factors to Consider Before Buying

Protein helps burn fat, so one thing you should consider is how much protein the shake has. If there is not a lot of protein, it isn’t really worth drinking because it will not boost your weight loss. All of the shakes below are packed with protein, but if you do not like any of them and decide to find a shake for yourself, make sure there is sufficient protein in each serving.

The more vitamins and nutrients per serving, the better. Remember, these shakes are supposed to replace meals, so you want to get as much nutrients as you can out of the “meal”. Most shakes include a variety of different vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin A, C, D, calcium, iron, and zinc. I recommend shooting for a shake with at least 15 vitamins and minerals.

You will also want to consider what type of protein you want. Two of the most common forms of protein used in shakes are whey and soy. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, experimentation is the best way to discover your personal preference, but whey protein is generally smoother and sweeter. However, soy naturally contains several nutrients essential to the body.

It is a good idea to consider if protein shakes are right for you in the first place. You should know that they are not always as satisfying as a meal and usually do little to curb cravings. It may take some time to adjust to drinking a shake instead of actually eating a meal, but it gets better over time.


FAQ About Weight Loss Shakes for Women

Who should drink weight loss shakes? Protein shakes are great for anyone, especially those living an active lifestyle, as a meal replacement. However, weight loss shakes usually have fewer calories, which make them effective at kick-starting weight loss. Women looking to drop a couple pounds can use weight loss shakes, in addition to a good workout regime and healthy diet to see get in shape.

How much protein should my shake have? I usually recommend aiming for at least 20 grams of protein per serving when it comes to protein shakes. However, the weight loss shakes usually have less so that they can keep the calories low, so when it comes to weight loss shakes, I say shoot for 10 grams of protein, but the more the better.

Can protein shake replace all my meals? No. Weight loss shakes are meant to replace meals, but not all of them. It is still important to eat healthy, well-balanced meals in addition to the shakes.

When should I drink the shake? Typically, people eat 6 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones while trying to lose weight. Weight loss shakes can be best utilized as a replacement for your meal between breakfast and lunch, or between lunch and dinner. This helps reduce snack cravings and helps keep you full between full meals. They are also good as a post workout shake and can prevent unhealthy post workout binging.


The 5 Best Weight Loss Shakes for Women

After trying nearly a dozen different brands of weight loss shakes my team has determined the top 5 results and compiled the results below. This list is in no particular order and is based on the quality of ingredients, taste, cost, and results.

1) CLICK Coffee Protein

click coffee protein

Double shot of real espresso: If you can’t start your day without that cup of joe, this drink mix is probably the best choice for you. You can cut out all the empty calories of coffee and still get your shot of espresso in the form of this delicious energy drink. It’s not coffee flavored, or imitation coffee, it’s the real deal, right in the protein shake, which also makes for a great afternoon pick me up.

Can be served hot or cold: Just like your favorite coffee house drink, this shake can be enjoyed warm, over ice, or even blended. There are tons of different things you can do with this mix, giving you lots of variety in your daily options. Drinking the same thing over and over every day can feel more like a chore, but this just feels like a cup of coffee or an ingredient in my morning smoothie.

Boosts energy: The high levels of protein and vitamins, combined with the premium grade espresso give you the energy you need to get through the day. And with only 6 grams of sugar, you can be sure it isn’t just a sugar rush that you’re feeling that you will inevitably crash from.

Low calorie: Two scoops of this powder can make a 14 oz. shake with 16 grams of protein and only 120 calories. To put that in perspective, a 1 oz. serving of potato chips contains 120 calories, and let’s be honest, who eats just 1 oz. of potato chips? This shake makes a much better snack alternative, it will fill you up better, and is way healthier.

23 vitamins and minerals: What really makes this shake a great meal replacement though, is its special blend of vitamins and minerals. If protein was the only nutritional benefit in this shake, it wouldn’t be worth it because your body needs much more. Vitamins and minerals such as biotin, copper, zinc, Vitamin A, B, and C are just a few of the many that your body needs and CLICK offers more of these vitamins than you would probably typically get in a snack, or even light meal.

The Good

One of my favorite things about this shake, as I mentioned earlier, is that it is incredibly versatile. Not only can it be served several different ways, it also comes in three scrumptious flavors; caramel, mocha, and vanilla latte. This is great because it allows you to switch things up or if you already have a favorite type of coffee, you can get that flavor of mix. The espresso also helps you burn more fat because it is a natural thermogenic.

It is also very easy to make and can be mixed with water, milk, or almond milk. All you have to do is dump a couple scoops in a shaker cup, with your base of choice, and shake it up. 

The Bad

If you are lactose intolerant, you will have to skip this shake since it contains milk. It is also produced in a factory that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, sesame, and shellfish, so this probably isn’t the best shake for anyone with one of those food allergies. But otherwise, it is a great shake, and if you have no allergies, there are no real downsides of it


2) ViSalus VI-Shape Nutritional Shake

Low sugar: There is less than one gram of sugar in each serving of this shake. There are no empty sugar calories in this shake and the energy it gives you is sustainable. Out of all the shakes on this list, this is the one with the second least amount of sugar, yet it is not bland or bitter like you would expect something without sugar to be.

23 vitamins and minerals: Like CLICK, VI-Shape contains 23 vitamins and minerals that your body needs. The levels of vitamins and minerals slightly differ between the two, so it is worth comparing them if you are choosing from them. For example, VI-Shape contains 30% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin A, while CLICK only has 25%. CLICK also has 25% of the recommended iron intake, whereas VI-Shape has only 5%, so it is important to compare the ingredients so that you can get what best suits your needs.

12 grams of protein: With only 90 calories per serving, packing in 12 grams of protein and still making it taste great is quite impressive. What’s great is that you can also easily have two servings at once, get almost 25 grams of protein, and still stay under 200 calories. Although, if you do this you will also go through the bag quicker.

Promotes heart health: The protein comes from a blend of soy protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and whey protein hydrolysate; soy protein isolate promotes heart health. It also contains a whole serving of fiber, which is known to have numerous cardiovascular benefits, including but not limited to improving cholesterol, and lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Processed to remove fat: The special process that this mix goes through is possibly the best part of the shake. A very large majority of fat and carbohydrates are removed from each of the protein sources, and lactose is removed completely. This is what allows this mix to have less than one gram of fat and sugar per serving.

The Good

This shake is super tasty and makes a great addition to any smoothie. If you mix it into a smoothie with some fresh fruit, it is hard to even taste, but it is also good on its own. This makes it great for pretty much any time of the day, whether it be as a breakfast or as a post-workout recovery.

The Bad

Although this shake is a great meal replacement, like everything, it has its downsides. The only downside that I have found of this shake is that it is somewhat expensive. It takes the crown of most expensive shake on the list, but it is well worth the money, and when used as directed, can do wonders for weight loss.


3) GNC Total Lean Shake

GNC total lean shake

Reduce cholesterol: The ingredients in this shake are known to reduce cholesterol. According to the CDC, more than 102 millions have total cholesterol levels above the healthy amount, and 35 million people have such high cholesterol levels that they have a high risk for heart disease. If you fall into either of these categories, but you’re ready to get control over your cholesterol, Total Lean is a great choice.

High-quality proteins and vitamins: Packed with high-quality milk protein, and a premium blend of vitamins and minerals, this shake makes a great meal replacement. They make great meal replacements when you are busy at work or on the go and would otherwise have to get greasy fast food.

Oat based: Everybody knows oats are good for you, and they can play a huge role in helping you achieve your weight loss goals. The oats are packed with fiber, which helps fill you up and keep you fuller longer, which really helps with snack cravings.

Fuels lean muscle: Total lean also fuels lean muscle, which gives you that tight, toned look. Lean muscle is muscle that is not obscured by fat; it is not hard to see why so many women want to gain lean muscle. I like to think of lean protein as like invisible strength. You are able to build up muscle and get strong, while still looking lean and without packing on tons of weight and having bulging muscles.

Effective for weight loss: Total Lean fuels metabolism, which in turn promotes weight loss by burning calories faster. Also, since you are replacing an entire meal with a 180 calorie drink, possibly twice a day, you will be taking in fewer calories, thus also promoting weight loss. That’s not it though, as I mentioned before, the oats keep you full for a while, curbing the snack craving, and also promoting weight loss. In short, this shake has several things going for it that make it effective for weight loss.

The Good

One thing I really love about this mix is that when you order it, you also receive a meal and exercise plan. Most other companies give you the shake and assume you know the rest, or just leave you to learn the rest on your own. In reality, a shake alone will not trim off 20 lbs., but when you use the shakes in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, you can probably finally shake those 20 lbs., and Total Lean helps you with that every step of the way.

Another great aspect of this shake is that it comes in a stunning array of twelve different flavors. In addition to vanilla bean, Total Lean comes in the following flavors: banana, chocolate peanut butter, cookies and cream, French vanilla, mixed berry, natural chocolate, natural vanilla, orange cream, rich chocolate, snicker doodle, and Swiss chocolate.

The Bad

Some of the flavors have more calories than others. However, they are pretty much all in the 170 to 200 range. Another downside is that the vanilla bean has 200 calories and only nine grams of protein, whereas most of the other flavors have 25 grams of protein. I’m not sure why that gap exists, but in the big picture, it is a pretty insignificant drawback, I mean, it’s not like there are crazy side effects.


4) Almased Multi Protein Powder


High in protein: This protein powder from Almased is packed with 27 grams of high-quality protein and only has 180 calories. The main source of protein in this shake is soy protein, which has several health benefits itself. There is also protein from skim milk and yogurt powder, pushing the total protein count up to 27 grams. This also gives you long lasting energy that leaves you feeling better and not sluggish.

All natural: With all natural ingredients, like honey enzymes, you can rest easy knowing there are no weird chemicals or anything. It is also gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly, making it great for practically everyone. It also contains no stimulants, which means you are getting all your energy from natural sources and will not experience any of the side effects associated with stimulants, like jitteriness.

Helps burn fat, not muscle: This protein powder works to speed up your metabolism, which makes it so you burn fat instead of muscle. This is great because it helps you do more than just lose weight, it will also make it easier to build up your muscles. Other diet programs that just focus on losing weight and are only concerned with the number on the scale may make you lose weight, but a lot of it will probably be in muscle, meaning you will be lighter, but you will probably also be weaker.

Unique fermentation process: What sets this mix apart is its unique fermentation process. The fermentation allows the nutrients in the mix to be absorbed easier by your body when you consume it. You can have a shake with a combination of all the greatest nutrients you could think of, but if your body cannot absorb them, they are useless.

Supports immune and digestive function: On top of just replacing a meal and giving you energy, this protein powder also boosts your immune system and promotes digestive function. Using honey enzymes and probiotics, this shake will help make sure everything is running correctly in your digestive tract and help fight off diseases. Meaning, this powder helps keep you healthy in more ways than one.

The Good

One of my favorite things about this powder is that it is all natural, meaning you are getting all natural energy, which lasts much longer. There is also no “crash”, like there is with sugary sources of energy. This mix allows you to get a protein and energy boost, while still feeling like yourself and without any negative side effects.

Another great thing about this powder is that it is super easy to make and can be done in seconds. You can easily make it before you walk out the door in the morning, or while you are on a break from work, either of which are great times for a weight loss shake.

The Bad

Unfortunately, there is only 10 servings in each pack. However, it is not too expensive. You can also buy them in different size packs, including a 2-pack and 3-pack. However, I recommend starting off with a single pack and seeing how it is.


5) Labrada Nutrition Lean Body RTD Whey Protein Shake

lean body

High protein: This whey protein shake from Labrada, easily has the most protein out of any shake on this list. It has a whopping 40 grams of protein per serving and only a mere 280 calories. I’m not totally sure how they did it, but if you are looking for sheer protein levels, this is the best shake you can get.

Zero sugar: This shake is also totally sugar-free and only has nine grams of carbs. Instead of relying on sugar to mask the taste and make the drink palatable, like several other proteins shake, Lean Body RTD relies on natural and some artificial flavors, that taste great on their own.

Gluten and lactose-free: Lean Body RTD is also usable by most people since it is gluten and lactose-free. It can be hard to find a decent protein shake that is gluten and lactose-free, but here is one of the best ones on the market, and it’s totally gluten and lactose-free.

Curbs cravings: The 40 grams of protein fills you right up and curbs those unhealthy cravings. Lean Body RTD is a great afternoon meal that allows you to, instead of stuffing your face with junk food, gets 80% of your recommended protein intake for the day and a boost of energy.

8 flavors: Lean Body RTD also comes in eight different flavors, so there is something for everyone. The flavors include: bananas and cream, café mocha, chocolate, cinnamon bun, cookies and cream, salted caramel, strawberries and cream, and vanilla. Some of the more sinful flavors, such as cinnamon bun, are still just as healthy as the plain vanilla and can be a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy manner.

The Good

Unlike my other picks on the list, Lean Body RTD comes pre mixed and inconvenient, portable bottles. This makes it a breeze to just grab it on your way out the door, or anytime you are in a hurry. All you have to do is give it a good shake before you open it, it’s as easy as that.

The Bad

This shake only comes in packs of 12, so one pack will not last you very long. However, because there is so much protein in a single shake, you can get away with only having one per day, instead of two per day like most other shakes. This will make it last a little longer, but you will still need to get more in about two weeks.



Tips for Choosing the Best Weight Loss Shake for Your Needs

Consider your dietary needs while looking for a shake. If you are vegan, lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, or soy intolerant, there is a shake that will suit all of your needs. This is very important because protein shakes can be somewhat pricey, so buying one and then realizing you can’t eat it due to an allergy would be incredibly frustrating.

I also recommend looking for a shake with very little sugar. Despite whatever your personal dietary needs may be, a shake loaded with sugar will not help you lose weight. Some of the biggest shakes on the market have sugar as the number one ingredient, which is why they did not make it on the list of recommended shakes.

Lastly, it is always a good idea to do some comparative shopping. This can help determine the most affordable shake per serving, which may be a deciding factor if you are on a budget. Along the same lines, I also recommend using any coupons or discounts you can find because why pay more when you can pay less.


Who’s the Winner?

All of these shakes are great, and you should make your own educated decision on which one to get. Like I said earlier, it is important to compare the different products and see how they measure up to your personal needs and desires. That being said, my personal favorite is the CLICK Coffee Protein. To me, this one is the best because it not only helps eliminate hundreds of unnecessary calories from my daily coffee routine, it also lets me keep the great taste of coffee that I love. It does not taste exactly like regular coffee, but the coffee taste is the strongest taste in the shake and I am able to get the same energy as I used to from coffee, while also getting a bunch of protein and other nutrients. Basically, any time you would have a cup of coffee, you can make a shake, which will satisfy your cravings in a much healthier way. Even in the summer, when you want an iced coffee, this shake has your back, which is why it is the winner.