The Best Waist Trimmer for Working Out

Bracoo Adjustable Waist Trimmer

People who are interested in dropping body fat from their midsection are becoming more eager to opt for the assistance of a waist trimmer, which has grown in popularity in recent times. Your belly is one of the most common areas where fat is stored, depending on your body type, and it is one of the most challenging areas to slim down.

Additionally, excess water is typically stored in the stomach area as well. While engaging in physical exercise on a regular basis and following healthy diet plans is highly recommended, a waist trainer can help not only drop excess water weight from your midsection, but also increase fat loss through increased body temperature in the target area.

Still, do remember that a waist trimmer isn’t a magic bullet that will make your muffin top vanish into thin air overnight. It should be treated as a supplement on top of proper diet and exercise in order to achieve maximum results.

Don’t have time to read and just want the best waist trimmer? Here are our top 5 recommendations:

  1. Sweet Sweat Premium Waister Trimmer
  2. McDavid Waist Trimmer
  3. ActiveGear Premium Waist Trimmer
  4. Bracoo Adjustable Waist Trimmer
  5. Waist Trimmer Ab Belt by Reformer


The Advantages of Using a Waist Trimmer

  • Slimming effect

Wearing a waist trimmer is meant to trim your abdominal region. They are usually manufactured from thick neoprene fabric, which is durable, comfortable and lightweight. It is recommended to wear the trimmer while performing your typical workout routine. Its objective is to retain the heat from the abdomen while aiding you to sweat the water weight which is usually kept in that area.

Manufacturers affirm that wearing a waist trimmer belt can diminish the body weight since the extra heat applied in the midsection and lower back eliminates the water weight that is holding you down. Nonetheless, it is primordial to stay hydrated while wearing the trimmer.

  • Back support while training

Individuals who are always dealing with spine and back pain are often instructed to turn to waist trimmers that have the purpose of supporting their backs. At the same time, a waist trimmer can promote a healthy posture, which facilitates healing, when the patient is dealing with constant back pain.

Compression plays an important part in physiotherapy. Hence, I would like to outline that wearing a trimmer can have a favorable impact on your overall health if you have back pain at the end of a long, hard day. In the case in which you have lower back problems, a waist trimmer can provide you with extra support, in this way, diminishing the pressure on your back.

Waist Trimmer Reviews

Sweet Sweat Premium Waister Trimmer
4.7 Reviewer
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The Verdict
The Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer performs quite well where it matters the most. When used during regular workouts, you do have the benefits of increased body temperature in your abdominal area: more sweating in the target area, faster weight loss, better detox and a slimmer midsection. The workout enhancer cream included does a solid job as well.

This trimmer is also very comfortable. The belt is flexible and easy to fit all sizes. Once secured, it stays in place while still allowing the users to move comfortably during their workout. You can tell as soon as you put it on that it is made of quality materials that will last.

The negatives are fairly insignificant compared to the positives. The price is higher than many competitors, but it can be explained by the superior materials used. And while it does have an odor that is hard to wash off, it is something we can get over since the core function is done right. I found that the smell dissipates after several uses.

Ultimately, this is a very high quality waist trimmer and one that we can safely recommend to anyone.

McDavid Waist Trimmer
4.3 Reviewer
1 Users (1 vote)
The Verdict
If there is one thing that can be said of the McDavid Waist Trimmer, it's that it offers an excellent value for its price range.

The materials used are those typically found in premium products. Made of neoprene, the belt ensures good sweat enhancing properties, as is promised in advertisements. It stays snug throughout your workout, and although it isn't as comfortable as some others, it feels like it will last.

Working out while wearing it is still relatively comfortable: we had a good level of flexibility for all the basic exercises we tried. It is relatively stiff, which can be considered good or bad. It does a great job of ensuring proper posture, helping you keep your back straight while not majorly interfering with your natural movements. It has all the core features of a good waist trimmer.

One thing that we had a problem with when it came to this trimmer was its strong rubber odor. We did try to wash it off with several products that would not damage the material but had no success. It is also not as comfortable as some of the more expensive trimmers that we've tried. This issue may be even more noticeable for taller users, since it is relatively short in length. I don't imagine this would cover the whole torso area of anyone over 5'9". That said, these are minor inconveniences when considering this is a sub-$15 product.

For those on a budget looking for a low cost waist trimmer that won't fall apart, this is a great option for you.

ActiveGear Premium Waist Trimmer
4.2 Reviewer
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The Verdict
The trimmer comes in a single size, which is supposed to fit a broad range of individuals. Nonetheless, some customers found this approach ineffective, since it doesn't fit all bodies. One particular customer outlined that she has communicated the problem with the company, and their response was far from being helpful. The customer service representative responded her that the trimmer is supposed to fit everyone, and that was all.

Furthermore, the fact that there aren’t any instructions that accompany the product is a downside. We concluded that instructions should always be included for the safety of the user, no exception whatsoever.

The smell of the belt is unpleasant, however, after a while, it wears off. People with sensitive skin shouldn’t place it directly on the skin.

The material is durable and qualitative, and it feels comfortable, in most instances. Nonetheless, a significant disadvantage is that it causes itchiness.

What we didn’t like about the product was that it stings to clothes, and it may cause damage. Numerous consumers reported that. Perhaps masking the Velcro in an efficient way might be a solution to this disturbing problem.

The trimmer provided back support to most customers, which is a primary advantage since posture plays a significant role in preserving one’s health. Notably, the belt relieves typical soreness that occurs after working out. We found this feature quite useful since post-workout soreness causes discomfort.

The belt causes you to sweat. Even though, while wearing the belt you don’t necessarily feel it due to the use of water repellent material, after removing the trimmer, that is noticeable.

The construction of the belt is faulty. If the belt isn’t secured accordingly, the Velcro section enters contact with the skin, and it causes discomfort. Moreover, since it’s rather bulky, you shouldn’t wear it underneath certain clothes, only loose clothing will do.

In a nutshell, this waist trimmer provides one with back support, which alleviates the typical post-workout soreness. Still, the thickness of the material makes it uncomfortable and difficult to wear underneath certain clothes. This is a decent purchase if your target is to improve your posture. 

Bracoo Adjustable Waist Trimmer
4 Reviewer
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The Verdict
Overweight people who purchased the product noted that the Velcro didn’t cover the entire surface of the belt, which prevents it from providing the maximum support. Even though this isn’t much of a problem when sitting, while doing cardio, it is rather uncomfortable. The waist trimmer is recommended to wear while exercising. However, while moving, the waist trimmer doesn’t stay put, which is equally disturbing and uncomfortable. In this direction, the Velcro should cover the full length of the waist trimmer, in order to solve this problem.

More than one customer reported the lack of comfort; hence we found that was a universal issue. Furthermore, sometimes after wearing the trimmer, customers experienced severe itchiness, which is far from being enjoyable. Additionally, the top part of the belt can stain your clothes, and the stains are less likely to be removed.

Another problem we noted was the fact that the product wasn’t durable. Other customers also complained that the trimmer functioned alright for a couple of months, but the material began wearing off in time, with the product losing its effectiveness. This is somewhat expected, given the very low price point of the product.

All in all, this waist trimmer facilitates excess sweating, and can enable one to lose water weight. Nonetheless, it can be uncomfortable to wear, and doesn’t provide optimal support in all cases.

Waist Trimmer Ab Belt by Reformer
4 Reviewer
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The Verdict
The Waist Trimmer Ab Belt by Reformer is quite an interesting product, having both strong points that make it very easy to recommend and weaknesses that may put off some customers.

When it comes to the workout effect itself, it is as good as it can be. The belt makes you sweat intensely in the area it covers. We do, however, have a problem with that specific aspect. The belt could have used an increased width, as it does not usually reach the upper abs properly.

We did like the comfort this belt provided for the most part: good flexibility, excellent posture support and light enough; we felt quite well during our workouts. What bothered us was that we had to keep tightening it after a while.

Another complaint we have to mention is the strong chemical odor of this equipment. Depending on the person, it may be a big turn-off, seeing how it can easily fill an entire room. We have not managed to eliminate it.

With all that being said, we do think that this product has more positives than negatives. But it all comes down to what flaws are forgivable for you.

How to choose the best waist trimmer for your needs

There are different characteristics for each waist trimmer. Ideally, you should pay attention to the use of materials and the closure of the belt as well. Before purchasing one, you should try testing it, and see how well you get along with it – you may find it useful, or you may not. And lastly, make sure you consider the manufacturer’s recommendation concerning the belt and how you should wear it. If you don’t respect these recommendations, you may jeopardize your health.

Is the waist trimmer recommended for losing weight?

Although the results people get after wearing the trimmer vary, this product is known to contribute to weight loss. As mentioned above, the weight loss determined by the waist trimmer may be related to the surplus of water weight. Hence, weight loss results may be temporary if you don’t have a healthy lifestyle, and you don’t exercise on a regular basis.

The belt keeps your stomach tight while working out, and contributes to toning your muscles. Some individuals indicate that wearing the trimmer can aid one eliminate harmful body toxins, as you sweat excessively. Nonetheless, all in all, a waist trimmer can assist you to lose weight, but you need to have a balanced diet, and follow proper exercise regimen for consistent, long-lasting results.

How to use the waist trimmer for best results?

Ideally, you should use the waist trimmer against your skin. In other words, you should remove upper body clothing. Simply wrap the trimmer around your waist, and make sure that the thick part of the belt fits in your back. Next, stretch the belt, and fix it around your stomach. Fasten after you’ve secured the trimmer.

It’s highly recommended to engage in your workout routine while wearing the belt. That will contribute to keeping your midsection heated. Wearing the trimmer may cause dehydration. Therefore, it’s important to drink lots of water during your workout. In the case in which you feel dizzy or dehydrated, take a break and drink a fresh glass of water.