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Ever since Kim Kardashian revealed she uses waist trainers to help achieve her famous figure it has become quite a hot topic. And now that we’ve officially embraced the hourglass shape once gain, more and more women are having questions about how waist training really works. Below we will discuss some of the most common.

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Here are the top 5 best waist trainers for sale right now:

  1. Ann Chery Faja Deportiva Waist Cincher
  2. Squeem Firm Compression Miracle Vest Shapewear
  3. Camellias Women’s Waist Trainer Belt
  4. YIANNA Women’s Latex Waist Training Corset
  5. Ursula Waist Trainer for Weight Loss

Is waist training the same as wearing a corset?

A waist trainer does look and function similarly to a corset, but the goal of each product is different. Waist training is all about gradually reducing your actual waist size over time by wearing increasingly tightened corsets. Traditional corsets are typically worn as a fashion accessory or for posture support.

Where did waist training come from?

Corsets have existed throughout history among many cultures that valued a small waistline. In the past, corsets were popular among royalty since having a small waist meant that you were a lady of leisure that had the time and money to look after your figure.

Why are waist trainers suddenly popular again?

The body types we strive to achieve change over time. At some points in history, being overweight was considered attractive. At other times, being extremely skinny was in. Currently, the “ideal body type” is the hourglass figure, popularized by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Nicki Minaj. Curvy with a small waist is what women want in 2017.


The 5 Best Waist Trainers

Ann Chery Faja Deportiva Waist Cincher
4.7 Reviewer
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- Thin, sleek design
- Comfortable
- High quality materials
- Runs small
- Issues with counterfeits
The Verdict
First things first... sizing. Before ordering I noticed that most buyers report the Ann Chery waist trainer runs small. For your reference, my waistline is about 26" at the smallest part and according to the size chart in my review I should order a Small/Size 32. That is indeed what I ordered and it fit just right. Be sure to use a tape measure and get your exact size before ordering, as many women have had issues with this.

Upon first putting this on, I knew it was a high quality product. It fits snugly but I can still move around and exercise with it on without pinching. The materials are durable and the lower rise makes it comfortable for all day wear (for reference, I'm 5'4"). You can tell right away that this is a premium product in the waist training industry.

I wore this corset trainer for 3 days in total, at about 6-8 hours per day. It has a slim profile which makes it good for daytime wear, but it is still durable enough that you can wear it to the gym without worry. I like Squeem trainers, which are in a similar price range, but I have to say this fits me better and feels more heavy duty than anything else I've worn. I highly recommend the Faja Deportiva.

Squeem Firm Compression Miracle Vest Shapewear
4.6 Reviewer
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- Looks great with or without clothes
- High quality, durable materials
- Comfortable enough to wear at night
- A little difficult to put on
The Verdict
This is one of my favorite corset style waist trainers. It is possibly the most comfortable I've tried. Assuming you order the right size (do your measurements right before ordering and use the chart provided) you will slip it on and almost forget about it within a few minutes. This makes it ideal to wear at night while you're sleeping. The longest I've kept it on in a 24 hour span was about 16 hours - 8 hours during the day, taking it off at dinner, and then putting it back on before going to sleep.

This trainer looks amazing and is small enough that you can wear it with most clothing garments. One downside is that it is a bit longer than some other trainers and pushes your breasts up like a sports bra. This may sound like a positive, but it can become uncomfortable if you're wearing it for a long time and for some it may look unnatural. To get around this you can put a sports bra, simple as that.

Overall, this is a very solid trainer and a great purchase for those looking for high end shapewear.

Camellias Women's Waist Trainer Belt
4.3 Reviewer
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- Adjustable velcro
- Very comfortable
- Bulky
- Chemical smell
- Not good for tall women
The Verdict
This type of waist trainer is different than the more common corset style that uses hooks and loops. The Camellias Waist Trainer Belt is a single piece that fastens using large velcro pads. This makes buying the right size much easier and you don't need to worry about the hooks or loops breaking over time.

While the product is very comfortable and made of high quality materials (I don't see this thing ever falling apart), it is definitely bulkier than most other corset style waist trainers. This can be a problem for women who want to wear it during the day and wear form fitting clothing. If you're wearing a sweater or loose t-shirt you'll be fine, but other than that it will be noticeable. That makes this trainer better suited for nighttime wear. Another downside is that it has a strong chemical plasticky smell when it comes out of the box. This goes away over time, but is very off putting.

At 5'4" this trainer belt fit me well, but some taller women or those with longer torsos have complained that the height of the belt is too short (it only cinches a portion of their midsection). I could see this being a problem, so taller ladies beware.

YIANNA Women's Latex Waist Training Corset
4.3 Reviewer
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- Good price point
- Comfortable
- Durable materials
- Sizing is very confusing
- Lots of counterfeits
The Verdict
First off, this is actually a high quality product considering the price is so low. I am always skeptical about clothing products falling apart when they are so cheap but that isn't the case here. It fits comfortably and looks good.

As far as sizing, be sure to use the manufacturers sizing chart and if in doubt, go one size larger. There are multiple different hooks so it is somewhat adjustable, but if you order to small you are out of luck. As far as the length, it fits great for me at 5'4 and I have a little bit of extra room. If you're closer to 5' then the length may be an issue, depending on your size.

Getting this trainer on for the first time was a bit of a pain, but once you get it on it is pretty comfortable. I've had no issues with it rolling or pinching my skin and I'm able to move around easily even after eating. During my test run I kept it on for 8 hours with no trouble.

Overall, this is a great low-cost option as far as waist trainers go. If you're on a budget but still want to shape your midsection, give it a shot. There is very little difference between this and the expensive Kardashian option.

Ursula Waist Trainer for Weight Loss
4.2 Reviewer
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- Good price point
- Attractive design
- Comes in different heights
- Confusing sizing
- Not good for working out
The Verdict
The Ursula Waist Trainer for Weight Loss is a relatively new entrant to the corset style waist trainer market. It is clearly modeled after the more expensive name brands like Ann Chery, but with a much lower price point at sub-$30. This makes it ideal for those who plan on losing a lot of weight, since you'll inevitably end up having to buy a smaller size.

First off, the sizing is a bit confusing, as is often the case with these things. They run small across the board. Even when using the manufacturer provided size chart, you may want to consider ordering a size up. Once you do find your right size, you'll likely be very happy with the packaging and looks of the garment when it arrives. It looks a lot more expensive than what you pay.

That said, there are a few downsides. While this corset looks great, it isn't the most comfortable I've tried. It's fine for regular daytime wear, but I don't find it comfortable enough to work out in. It can sometimes pinch if you're moving around a lot. On the plus side, it does come in different heights, which taller women will find useful.

Overall, this is a really solid purchase at this price range. It's not quite as comfortable as some of the more expensive trainers out there, but for those on a budget looking for a high quality alternative, this is it.

How do waist trainers work?

It’s fairly simple, but does require wearing uncomfortable corsets for long periods of time. Basically, you purchase a waist trainer based on your current waist size (measured from the smallest point of your waist). You then put on and tighten the trainer and wear it for several hours per day (or night), or as often as you’re comfortable wearing it. The pressure not only reduces your appetite, but it increases your body temperature in the midsection, and over time (usually months) reduces the actual size of your waistline. As your waistline gets smaller, you continue to tighten the corset more and more until you reach your desired size.

Are there any other benefits?

Other than long term results, waist trainers can be worn under your clothes, giving you an immediately slimmer figure and supporting your back. You’ll notice your posture will improve quickly, which is very useful considering most of us spend our days hunched over a desk staring at a computer screen. This not only improves your confidence, but it is good for your health.

How long until I see results?

That can vary from person to person. Some people see changes very quickly, while other bodies are more resistant. If you have a very strong, muscular core, you’ll likely see slower changes than somebody with a more flexible midsection. It also depends on how often you’re wearing your trainer, and how tight you’re wearing it. Obviously keeping it too tight is uncomfortable and potentially unhealthy, but if you’re wearing your trainer for hours every day and tightening appropriately, you should see results in 1-3 months at most.

How long do the results last?

This is another variable answer that depends largely on your lifestyle. If you go on a diet and exercise plan and lose 10lbs, how long does it last? That depends on how much effort you put into maintaining it. Nothing is permanent.

How do you pick the right corset?

Looks are nice, but comfort is what will give you lasting power. It’s hard to wear a trainer 8 hours per day if you have trouble moving around and feel like you’re being pinched and poked. Also, you may want to go for a lower cost option for your first trainer, since the first few inches tend to go the fastest. Dropping $100+ on an expensive waist trainer and then having to throw it in the closet because you slimmed down just sucks.