The Top 5 Best Streaming Workout Programs for Women

best streaming workout

Fitness classes are quite taxing because they command a lot of personal dedication, but their outcome is absolutely worth their weight in gold. With such classes in high demand, a number of companies are making heaps of money by kicking folks out of bed and making them hit the gym. However, there’s a more practical and more affordable alternative: streaming workout programs from the comfort of your home. If you set aside motivation issues, they are an excellent way to do workouts without going to the gym. As a matter of fact, more and more fitness facilities are jumping on the bandwagon and adopting this concept. You won’t be compromising on quality as some of the experts have provided options to stream their videos at any time. There are lots of free trials too! Below are five of the best streaming workouts that the web has to offer…


1) Tracy Anderson Video Streaming Subscription

tracy anderson video streaming

This one needs little introduction: If you love Gwyneth Paltrow’s amazing physique, you may want to go directly to the source – world renowned multi-platform fitness pioneer and author Tracy Anderson. For years, she has been training Hollywood’s A-listers, but her classes are exclusive, cost prohibitive, and almost impossible for the lay person to get into. The good news is that she has recently started offering a streaming version, which will take you virtually into her training room! Tracy films her Master Class every week so you will get the same routine as what transpires in her studio classes. You can even install the cardio fly floor in your bedroom or garage for the full experience.

Price$90 per month (minimum subscription of 3 months)

Mobile Appnone

Free trialnone

Number of videosthere’s a one-hour long live class every Wednesday


2) Peloton


peloton streamingPeloton is a high-end bicycle manufacturer that now offers live spinning classes straight from its New York City studio. The principle behind the workout is remarkable especially for spin fans: purchase a bike and you’ll be given exclusive access to live and on-demand spin classes taught from the touch screen mounted on your bicycle. As for the pricing, you can download the iOS application and pay $12.99 a month for access, or as aforementioned, purchase a Peloton bike for $2,000 and subscribe for a full-year streaming at $39 a month. Note that the app subscription will not track your ride metrics, but if you can’t afford the bike, it is a cost-effective way to tune into the spinning classes.

Price$39 per month for full streaming; $5.99 per week or $12.99 per month for the app

Mobile AppiOS only

Free trial 14 days for the app

Number of videos3,000+ and live classes


3) Booya Fitness

booya fitness

This is one of the largest streaming workouts available today, and it offers an option for any budget because of its flexible membership schemes. Booya Fitness has collaborations with other fitness programs, like Beyond Barre and David Barton Gym. As such, it features a wide selection of workouts from chair exercises to burlesque dancing to kickboxing. But on the whole, the workouts are classified into four categories including boot camps, cardio, yoga, and strength/toning. Booya has a rotating daily featured video that’s free for all users and subscribers can avail of themed workout plans by shelling out a few more bucks a month.

Price$9.99 a month

Mobile Appnone

Free trial30 days

Number of videos60+


4) FitFusion by Jillian Michaels

fit fusion

FitFusion is perfect if you are a fan of workout celebrities like Tara Stiles, Billy Blanks, and Mike Donavanik. In essence, it’s like the Netflix of fitness videos that brings together more than 20 top trainers in everything from dance to yoga to prenatal workouts. The subscription scheme is quite unique because you can purchase videos outright or opt for a monthly all-access. And if all you want is Jillian’s shred videos, there is a rental and download plan. For a few bucks, you can rent any workout clip and for a few bucks more, you can already download your preferred video.

Price$9.99 a month

Mobile AppAndroid and iOS

Free trial14 days

Number of videos260+


5) Ballet Beautiful

ballet beautiful

The brainchild of Mary Helen Bowers, an American celebrity fitness guru and former New York City Ballet dancer, Ballet Beautiful successfully brings ballet-inspired exercises to the public. It has grown considerably within a short period, which is not surprising at all because Bowers’ physique does the advertising itself. Her streaming workouts are short but potent, covering everything from swan arms to ball exercises in just 20 minutes or less. But what really sets this program apart is its technology: the workouts are interactive since the instructors can view subscribers in their homes via Skype and provide real-time feedback.

Price: $280 a month for the live classes, $39.99 Custom Workout Monthly Subscription or $9.99 for individual streaming videos.

Mobile Appnone

Free trialnone

Number of videos30 prerecorded and two new videos per month

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