The Best Running Belt to Secure Your Gear

The invention of a running belt has revolutionized the world of running in a simplistic way that will make you think, “why didn’t I think of that?” Taking practicality and necessity and allowing you to function while being fit is what the best running belts can do for you. Whether for fitness, medical, or travel, a running belt will introduce working out with ease.

What Are the Benefits of a Running Belt?

There are many worlds that benefit from a running belt and it goes far beyond running. However, there are many different purposes for a running belt that play into the benefits of having one. These purposes include:

Running and fitness – A running belt allows you to hold your phone, emergency contact information, medicines, gym card, credit cards, and even a small beverage bottle for hydration. Most are weather resistant, which serves a much better purpose than a normal fanny pack. Running belts are also much more practical than trying to lug a purse or a messenger bag through harsh weather conditions or steep hills.

Traveling – A running belt is perfect for those with a serious case of wanderlust or for those who travel on business. In having this accessory, it provides you with a discrete and easy-to-hide bag for important documents and storage space in case your fancy suit didn’t come with any real pockets. Maybe you’re looking for easy access to a camera to snap that picture-perfect photo on the train or at a historic monument. Either way, you can use a running belt for your desired needs.

Diabetic and medical – If you’re someone who suffers from diabetes and needs extra storage on the go for medicines and testing meters, a running belt will benefit you greatly. You may be someone who needs both a medical and fitness belt, and having one of the best running belts will allow you to knock out two birds with one stone. Having a medical problem should never take you away from keeping active.

Other basic benefits include:

  • Providing yourself with a light running experience
  • Having the necessities without compromising convenience
  • Being able to remain safe with the necessities such as emergency medicines, contact information, phone, small flashlight
  • Being able to carry keys and eliminate having to leave your door unlocked at home to compromise weight while running

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Here are the top 5 best running belts:


One of the primary materials used in running belts include Lycra, which is a brand name for a type of Spandex created by DuPont. Known for its incredible elasticity, Lycra has rose in popularity due to its breathability, durability, and inexpensiveness in comparison with other up and coming, newly created materials. With the ability to be elongated and stretched with high tensile capabilities, Lycra is a fantastic material that allows a runner to work out to their desire with minimal distraction. Benefits of purchasing a Lycra running belt include:

  • Elongation, maintains fantastic shape
  • No wrinkling whatsoever
  • Alkaline and acid resistant, anti-aging and non-fading
  • Water and perspiration resistant – perfect for working out
  • Because of fading resistance, dying ability is optimal in comparison to other materials

Because of the aforementioned benefits about alkaline resistance, all detergents can be used for cleaning without worrying about whether the material is going to fade, rip, or weaken in areas.

Another fabric that is used amongst the best running belts is nylon. Nylon is a type of polymer synthetic material that has a different structure than the famous Lycra. The weaving of the material is more related to a silkworm and micro weaving for ultimate durability and strength. Having a running belt made from this material allows an even higher weather resistant product, as its wind proof and rain proof. While a blend of materials, Nylon isn’t a 100% blend of spandex. Nylon tends to have more flexibility in comparison with its counterpart, as well.

The reason that materials are never 100% spandex is because it would tear and fall apart with the drop of a hat. The reason it would do this is because there needs to be a blended structure to weave into the original material and keep the extremely flexible material together. In short, any spandex material needs a backbone of sorts to use its flexibility to the user’s advantage.

With running belts, size slightly matters, but only on the extremely low end of the spectrum or the larger end. As the material stretches further, this allows for more expanding for a “one size fits all” type of belt. While not all belts are “one size fits all” in both marketing and actuality, the materials used allow for a better fit and a bit more room for more body types. 

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Running Belt

There isn’t too much you need to know before buying a running belt, other than your intended uses and how intense those uses will be for that duration. If you’re someone who hikes a lot and goes up in terms of steepness rather than “cross country” on flat ground, the type of running belt you choose may vary.

The last thing you want to do is choose a running belt that’s slightly heavier than the others, disabling you from moving as well as you can. In return, your stats on your fancy FitBit or monitoring device may show measurements and stats that aren’t to your liking. It’s that simple: weight affects your personal best. Thankfully, materials like Lycra and Nylon exist in the world of the best running belts.

If you’re someone who walks more than they run, and the terrain is a bit more flat, the slight weight change may not matter. However, if you’re a runner, the material that you choose absolutely matters. Although, what you wish to put inside the running belt may also affect the material you set out to purchase. For heavier items, you may want to opt for a thicker material that includes Lycra of some sort, but with a bit more structure. If you’re only keeping a phone or money, a thin material will suffice.

Best Running Belt Reviews

1) The Top Fit Running Belt

Top Fit Running BeltOne of the best on the market, the Top Fit Running Belt is a unisex belt that is able to comfortably holds a plethora of items in a durable fashion. Not flimsy and cheap in creation, the Top Fit is one you shouldn’t pass up on. Features of the Top Fit running belt include:

Non-bounce design

Sweat and water resistant



One of the primary reasons runners opt out of buying a running belt is because they bounce too much and seemingly “get in the way”. Thankfully, the Top Fit Running Belt was designed to be breathable with an anti-bouncing structure implemented into its design. As for weather and the inevitable sweat, the material is not only sweat resistant, but water resistant. In having this feature, you won’t feel irritated and agitated that there’s a “wet spot” or that your items are getting ruined inside of the running belt pouch.

Being lightweight may seem counterproductive to an anti-bounce pouch, but Top Fit has made it so that you can use this belt without it jumping while still being lightweight. Both are fantastic features and are a huge reason why I recommend this over the rest. Another reason this belt reigns supreme over many is because it’s a unisex belt. If you and your friend or significant other often borrows your things, at least this will make it a little easier for them to share with you. You may also find that this running belt is better suited for your fitness style, and you don’t have to worry about finding a belt for your specific gender/waistline.

One disadvantage to this belt is that it isn’t as fashionable as some minimalistic designs on the market today. However, it’s not “ugly” in the slightest and personally, I think it’s attractive and is one I’d highly recommend for the budget conscientious runner.

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 2) Nuclear Strength Running Belt

nuclear strength running beltThe 2016 Nuclear Strength Running Belt is a workout belt that somewhat resembles a karate belt. While not unattractive by any means, the design is a bit different in terms of aesthetics. While different in design, it does cater to the everyday needs of the average runner. These features include:

ALL smartphones can fit into the pouch

One size fits most (up to a 42” inch waist)


Heavy duty strap

Many minimalistic running belts on the market currently do not support all smartphone types. As the average smartphone grows in screen size, finding a running belt that can adapt is becoming increasingly harder. The 2016 Nuclear Strength Running Belt can smash typical features into the dust and provide you with a fantastic running belt that can hold one of the most important items you take on your runs. For those with FitBits that sync to their phone, you’ll love this!

Being lightweight is a huge selling point for any running belt. While the back is a thin band of a medium width, it doesn’t affect the performance negatively at all. You can run up and down the steepest hills without worrying about it being too heavy or your items falling out.

The only disadvantage I can find is the design of the high-quality buckle. Though the quality may be great and it’s able to withstand a ton of movement, it is quite dated in terms of design. The buckle is one that was popular in the 80’s or 90’s with fanny packs. While the front isn’t too dated in terms of design, when someone sees the back, it may appear that way. However, there is nothing physically wrong with the belt and is one I’d recommend as an inexpensive, durable alternative to the average overpriced running belt.

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 3) The FlipBelt

flipbeltOne of the brightest and most fun in terms of design on the current running belt market, the FlipBelt is one that’s practically falling off of the shelves for many reasons. Beyond color, features of the FlipBelt include:

Closes and locks everything inside entirely

Made from Micropoly and Lycra

3M reflective logo

Multiple colors and size choices

An important aspect of any running belt is that they are able to lock and secure your items tightly, no matter how rough the terrain becomes. The FlipBelt-USA is a belt that can achieve desired locking with ease, allowing you to disable the worry function in your brain for just a little bit. Composed of 92% Micropoly and 8% Lycra, you’re able to move quickly and sharply without consequence.

Another fantastic feature of this material combination is that it feels great against your skin – for those who run in a sports bra or without a shirt on. You don’t have to worry about spreading deodorant on your skin for anti-chafing, as this running belt doesn’t present that issue.

A HUGE benefit of this running belt over the competition is that it features a reflective material that allows you to be seen from quite some ways away. In return, this is probably a huge reason why there are 9 different colors that are extremely bright. Speaking of design options, sizing is also something important that other competitors don’t offer. Sizes include x-small to x-large for optimal fitting – breaking the “one size” stereotypes that often linger in the world of the best running belts.

One disadvantage to this belt is that there are no zippers. While it does hold everything into place perfectly fine, the more paranoid (like myself) may obsessively check in on our items during runs. The feature mentioned doesn’t impact that use of the belt at all, it’s merely a personal preference and your own mind tricking you out.

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 4) The Running Pouch Belt

Sport2People Running Pouch BeltCreated by Sport2People, the Running Pouch Belt is a simple belt that has compartmentalized pockets for a tint of organization amongst running chaos. After seeing how well this belt was rated, I couldn’t resist trying it for myself. Features of this Running Pouch Belt include:

2 expandable pockets

Adjustable for different waists

Reflective darts

Under warranty for ultimate protection

The high-quality running belt is composed of neoprene, which is not only waterproof, but is machine washable and a zipper that eliminates the possibility of water penetration. The expandable pockets come in two different sizes, allowing you to keep keys and money in one and your phone in the other. In separating your phone and keys, you won’t have to worry about your phone being scratched.

Being adjustable for different waists allows those who are around a 2x/3x (48-inch waist) to also make the most out of their runs with ease. As for safety, there are reflective darts to use so that you can jog at any time of the day or night. These darts are perfect for runners, cyclists, hikers, and joggers.

Lastly, being protected allows customers like myself to feel safe no matter how inexpensive the purchase. A company that promises a replacement in a time of need is a company that receives my business, enabling the Running Pouch Belt to be worth the purchase. The only disadvantage is that the fabric isn’t too stretchy length-wise, only widthwise. However, this doesn’t present too much of a problem as its long enough for larger phones and has impressive construction. I would definitely recommend this based on the safety and the comfort of the design, as well as the customer service provided.

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 5) Camden Gear Hydration Running Belt

Hydration Running Belt by Camden GearCreated by Camden Gear, this updated Hydration Running Belt is not only suitable for those with the latest and largest smartphone, but for those who wish to stay hydrated without having to worry about carrying a full-sized water bottle. Features of this running belt include:

  • Adjustable fit
  • Large pockets
  • Included water bottles

For those with a larger waistline, this awesome running belt fits up to 43 inches around the waist, allowing someone that’s a 2x/3x to be comfortable while wearing. The pockets are large enough to fit an iPhone 6S Plus, even with a crazy big case like an Otterbox. While it may be a snug fit for some, it’s definitely one of the roomier on the market.

Lastly, and one of the more important features is the actual water bottles that lock into the sides of the Hydration belt. Able to fit up to 6oz per bottle, you can have sufficient hydration for medium length runs. The only disadvantage is the capacity of the water bottles for lengthier runs. While it’s not great for longer runs, if you run normally without water or a Hydration belt, and you’re fine, then this would be a great replacement for your current belt.

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The Final Verdict

From my personal experiences, the best belt in this selection is the FlipBelt. With various options for sizing and colors, you’re able to get safety with a little bit of personalization and pizzazz for a great price. Beyond this, the durability of the FlipBelt is fantastic and the colors are vivid and stunning, along with a great performance while working out.