Best Pre Workout Supplements for Women

best pre workout for women

In the new age of social media where everyone puts their fitness lives on Instagram to obtain more followers for their fitness journey, pre-workout supplements have become more popular than ever before. These supplements are designed to get you amped up for your workout while providing you with essentials for strengthening, muscle growth, and the burning of body fat. Finding the perfect workout supplement for your fitness journey is key, and you’ll find a few new contenders today.

Generally, pre-workouts are placed in two categories – for the newbies, these two categories are creatine and creatine-free. You may be wondering, “well, what’s creatine?” The aforementioned is a performance-boosting supplement that doesn’t have any ban on it whatsoever and is widely used in pre-workout supplements. While creatine has two of its own categories, creatine-free also has two: proprietary blends and natural. If you’re on a cutting cycle, creatine-free is the way to go.

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Here are the top 5 best pre workout supplements for women:

  1. HIT Supplements “Women Only” Igniter Pre-Workout
  2. Fitmess Ignite, Strawberry Margarita
  3. UPLift Pre-Workout, Strawberry Lemonade
  4. Legion Athletic’s Pulse Pre Workout
  5. Alpha Gx7


Benefits of Pre Workout Supplements

Besides being able to make it through a workout, a pre-workout supplement has many benefits. These benefits include being able to build more muscle, encouraging fat loss, getting more pumped, and lastly: concentration, higher amount of energy, and more power.

In pre-workouts that encourage muscle building, BCAA is an ingredient that’ll often be seen. Leucine is another that aids in promoting protein in the muscles, while the mTOR in your pre-workout encourages a stronger muscle production.

When it comes to fat loss, pre-workout supplements aid the elimination of fat through their caffeine addition. Being an active ingredient in the fat burning process, it allows to remain amped and alert after consumption. There’s nothing worse than putting a wall of caffeine in your body, only to feel exhausted and withdrawn afterwards. Thankfully, the caffeine in the pre-workout supplements fight against that, leaving you energized and promoting even further fat loss. It’s important to know that pre-workout supplements with caffeine should be taken at least 6 hours before sleeping – or else you may not be sleeping at all.

Getting pumped is another huge benefit of the right pre-workout supplement. The more you have going on, the higher the nitric oxide production. Now that you’ve made it to this point, you may be wondering what nitric oxide is and how it helps you. In simple terms, nitric oxide:

  • Increases your recovery rate
  • Reduces and eliminates exhaustion and levels of fatigue during intense workouts
  • Better endurance during intense workouts
  • More energy for you to finish your workout
  • The increase of glucose use
  • Higher muscle pumping


The Best Pre Workout for Women

My team has tried over a dozen of the leading pre-workout supplements on the market and compiled the top options for female athletes below (in no particular order).

1) HIT Supplements Igniter Pre-Workout

HIT Igniter


First on my list is the HIT Supplements “Women Only” Igniter Pre-Workout. A powder for women in the popular “tropical punch” flavor, this pre-workout is noted as “extreme”.

Features of this supplement include:

  • The support of concentration and intense focus
  • Encourages energy and stamina
  • Encourages better recovery time

Any basic pre-workout should include the aforementioned, and many don’t. The support of your mental concentration while working out allows you to focus better than ever and effectively complete your workouts. The encouragement of stamina and energy allows you to endure a longer workout, promote strength within your muscles and enjoy a more intense routine.

The extreme Igniter workout supplement also encourages a better recovery time for before and after your routine is complete. In having this, you won’t have to worry about crashing after a workout, which can make you dread the workout and the product itself. The HIT Supplements “hit” product also features the important amino acids we mentioned earlier.

The only disadvantage of this product is a number of scoops larger women may have to take to feel something from this. While it still gets you amped with no problem, your cost per serving may rise. However, it doesn’t affect the performance whatsoever and the scoop issue is entirely subjective to your body – as is any pre-workout supplement.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anyone. It has worked for clients of mine both small and large, while providing them with effective energy during and after their workout. While they were tired from the workout, they weren’t coming down from a caffeine high as with others. It’s extremely important to know the difference between the two when trying out new pre-workout supplements.

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2) Fitmess Ignite – Women’s Pre-Workout + Energy Booster

fitmiss ignite


Next up on the list of faves is the Fitmess Ignite, Strawberry Margarita pre-workout supplement. With a delicious taste and packing a punch, the Fitmess Ignite is a strong contender in one of the best pre-workout supplements.

This supplement entails being able to:

  • Increase the amount of energy during your workout
  • “Ignite” the amount of fat loss that happens from your workout
  • Promotes a better and healthier composition of the body

With a minimal number of scoops need, Fitmess Ignite gets the job done and appropriately increases the amount of energy one has during their workout. Between super touchy hormonal imbalances, the Fitmess Ignite sparks a flame in the core of those who wish to have a successful workout without the awful comedown and massive energy side effects.

Because of hormonal imbalances of many women, being able to burn actual fat is tough. Thankfully, this pre-workout supplement was designed to do just that: burn fat. No matter what types of workouts you’re doing, as long as you’re working out, you have the opportunity to burn real fat with consumption of Fitmess Ignite.

The promotion of your body’s healthy composition is also extremely important, and is something that not many pre-workout supplements encourage. The only drawback of this product is that you should stop using it consistently after a few months depending on your body type. A physical from the doctor after a few months of usage should prove whether or not you can take it for long-term use. However, the performance of the product is not deterred any. Overall, I would recommend those who want a bit of a jump start to their workout without negatively affecting their hormones.

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3) Uplift Pre-Workout Energy

uplift pre-workout


Simple in terms of name and what it does, the UPLift Pre-Workout, Strawberry Lemonade supplement is a deliciously flavored pre-workout that provides energy and better muscle performance.

Features of this pre-workout include:

  • Sustainable and clean energy levels
  • Activation of twitch muscle fiber
  • Improved overall performance

Formulated to increase a woman’s energy level while working out, UPLift is also designed to increase fast twitch activation of your muscle fiber during intense workouts. It’s imperative to take this supplement 20-30 minutes before your workout, but this may come as a disadvantage to some. A lot of women like a longer period of time between taking the supplement and working out, although the greater majority like a shorter wait time between supplementing and working out. However, the time frame doesn’t affect the performance whatsoever.

This pre-workout supplement includes the following:

  • Carnitine
  • Glycine
  • Arginine
  • Valine
  • Beta Alanine
  • And much more

If you remember, many of these were mentioned as essentials for the best pre-workout supplement. In having these ingredients active within your supplement (as well as many others), you’re able to have sustainable levels of energy and a better overall performance. With such innovation in the energy complex aspect, there’s no way you’ll be disappointed in UPLift’s pre-workout supplement for women.

Recommended for those who want to up their fitness game, UPLift will bring your body to a whole new desired level of intensity without the awful withdrawal and comedown affects afterwards. With a nootropic blend for increased concentration and drive, UPLift is a staple piece in any woman’s workout. Overall, I would recommend for any woman who’s looking to get the most bang for their buck and a high-intensity, satisfaction guaranteed workout.

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4) Legion Pulse Pre Workout Supplement

legion pulse pre-workout


One of the best nitric oxide pre-workout on the market for women, Legion Athletic’s Pulse Pre Workout provides a ton of features that blow the competition out of the water (or should we say the gym?).

Features of this supplement include:

  • The inclusion of citrulline, anhydrous caffeine, ornithine, and more.
  • Nitric oxide booster
  • Inclusion of beta alanine
  • Unisex

We know that some of the fantastic products on this list have been for women only, but this product is all inclusive! The Legion Pulse has a ton of supplements instead to boost performance and overall recovery of the body post-workout. The combination of ingredients eliminates the “comedown” effect, and allows the body to excel after the workout, as normal. The inclusion of nitric oxide allows optimal pumping during every workout, without harming the body.

As for the popular beta alanine, every pre-workout supplement should include this for improvement of endurance. Lastly, there are all natural ingredients in this, and it doesn’t cause any jitters. For those who are looking for a creatine based supplement, you may want to look elsewhere – proving this the only disadvantage. However, the performance is incredible for an all natural product. I would highly recommend to both men and women who want to boost their energy.

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5) ALPHA Gx7 Pre-Workout

alpha gx7 pre-workout


One of the most powerful products on the market, Alpha Gx7 is a leading contender in the world of pre-workout supplements. Designed for those who don’t like to wait and want to experience the advantages within their first workout, Alpha Gx7 boasts the following:

  • 1500mg of citrulline for energy boosting properties
  • Boost strength and kick plateaus
  • Science based ingredients

There’s nothing worse than feeling duped after a workout because of a product not working. Thankfully, that won’t happen with the Alpha Gx7 pre-workout supplement, as all products included within this as science based with ZERO amounts of junk included. In having this, you can ensure only the necessary supplements are included. There are no fillers or types of pollutants within this product – making it one of the best on the market and one I’d highly recommend to everyone. Personally, this one was my favorite.

With 1500mg of citrulline for maximum energy boosting properties, there is also beta alanine included within. In having these two combined into one pre-workout supplement, you can ensure that you’ll remain concentrated and focused to give your body the best workout possible. With their science based ingredients proven to outperform the rest, you’ll shatter those plateaus you’ve been stuck on for months, giving you not only an immediate confidence booster, but motivation for the next workout.

There aren’t many disadvantages to such a great product, however, there are a lack of flavors. While this doesn’t affect the performance of the product whatsoever, the watermelon flavor is a basic flavor that most can do with. I would recommend highly to those who want an incredible workout and a great flavor to their pre-workout supplement.


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6) Muscle Pharm Assault Pre-Workout

muscle pharm assault-pre-workout


Muscle Pharm’s Assault Pre-Workout System in Blue Raspberry is one of the most delicious on the market. Different from the generic watermelon or strawberry flavors, features of the Muscle Pharm pre-workout include:

  • Ion-3 nitrate technology
  • Explosive energy
  • Free of artificial dyes and fillers

The ion-3 nitrate technology allows nutrients to be introduced within your body properly for absorption and is one of the primary selling points of the Muscle Pharm product. There are a ton of flavors, but more specifically, this blue raspberry is a favorite. The explosive energy allows you to have 8 times the normal amount that you receive from caffeine, while eliminating the possibility of a “comedown” affect that bursts of caffeine normally give. Never crash your body again while receiving caffeine with Muscle Pharm.

Another huge selling point is the lack of artificial dyes, fillers, and chemicals within Muscle Pharm’s products, more specifically the Assault product. In doing so, this reduces the possibility of having a reaction to the fillers, chemicals, or dyes, while eliminating the possibility for a reaction between ingredients. With Muscle Pharm, there are five selling points:

  • Energy
  • Size
  • Focus
  • Strength
  • Endurance

All of the above are achieved through their seemingly complex yet simple ingredient combination of their blue raspberry pre-workout supplement. Dominate the gym and receive maximum results when you test out the Assault pre-workout supplement. The only disadvantage to this product is that it had a formula change recently. Some have liked the old formula better, while the new one blows the competition out of the water. With any product change, there will be some naysayers, however, the performance of the product isn’t harshened by any means. Overall, I would highly recommend between packaging, price, and performance.

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7) Neon Sport Volt Creatine Free Preworkout

Neon Sport Pre Workout


Bright in design and performance, the Neon Sport Volt Creatine in Electric Punch is one of the leaders in performance. While it does have some tough competition, it does work for a majority of the ones who use. Features of this delicious and powerful pre-workout supplement include:

  • Electrifying performance
  • Stimulant and nootropic complex
  • High levels of beta alanine

The electrifying performance allows users of the Neon Sport Volt in Electric Punch to enjoy a high endurance workout in the gym without feeling over worked and exhausted. Powered by a nootropic and stimulant complex, you’re able to have a streamlined focus and improvement on your energy in comparison to workouts without this product.

The incorporation of high levels of beta alanine allow your body and supplement to work with your muscles for total support and endurance during your workout routine. The Neon Sport Volt also features agmatine sulfate for better blood flow, allowing your muscles optimal performance during their time of need.

There’s only one slight disadvantage to this product, and it may lie with specific distributors rather than the actual manufacturers of the product. The drawback is that it can be clumpy, but only because of the distributor sealing issues during shipping. However, the performance is still out of this world and the product is easy to work with physically and once in your body. Overall, I would highly recommend this for someone who is taking the non-natural, creatine based route instead of the creatine free route. It’s a fantastic option for the subcategory it falls in and is fantastic for the price.

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8) Controlled Labs White Rapids Powder

Controlled Labs White Rapids Powder


Not the highest rated or the most sought after powder, the Controlled Labs White Rapids Powder is a diamond in the rough for some people of particular body types. Features of this product include:

  • Fast absorbing and acting
  • Strength and stamina is increased
  • Extreme pumps and heightened endurance

One of the huge benefits of this product is that it’s fast absorbing and fast acting – something those on the go dream of having in a pre-workout. With an increase in endurance for strength and stamina, this is definitely a good choice. Lastly, heightened endurance allows for more extreme pumps with this product.

While these all sound fantastic, there is a disadvantage. The primary drawback includes that it is a bit chalky. However, the performance is still good for those who are familiar with Controlled Labs’ products. I would recommend to those on a budget who need a filler product.

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What Makes a Good Pre-Workout Supplement?

Besides actually working, generally, pre-workout supplements should be able to help improve your overall performance, increase the amount of strength you’re able to withstand, as well as endurance, and decrease muscle breakdowns. More importantly, a good pre-workout supplement will increase the synthesis of protein in your muscles and body, and improve your concentration for your workout, enhance the delivery of nutrients and assimilation, improve the metabolic rate – otherwise known as fat burning. While these are all possible with a pre-workout supplement that works with your body and performance plan, the best workout supplements will create a perfect environment for your hormones, which will promote the aforementioned in your body.

Common Pre Workout Ingredients

There are six types pre-workout supplements under the umbrella of sub-categories, and these six include:

Creatine complex – Most notably taken for strength and trying to get your size up. A very important ingredient, creatine is active and there are a ton of variations and hybrids because of its performance.

Amino acids complex – The addition of amino acids in a pre-workout supplement is to help support and boost the metabolism, while boosting your protein and energy levels. For those who are often unconcentrated at the gym and can’t seem to focus, the addition of amino acids present a beneficial opportunity for you to stay focused.

Pump complex – Have you ever wanted to see your veins pop in your arms during a workout? This next complex may be your favorite: the pump complex. While some don’t have a desire to see this, those that do can take this arginine infused complex that allows your veins to really pop and have definition in your arms.

Vitamin-B complex – There are a ton of types of B vitamins in pre-workout supplements. In having these in your supplement, you’re encouraging the metabolism and energy production within your body. Thus, you’ll have a much more effective workout.

Stimulant complex – The stimulant complex is basically the packed punch in your supplement. These stimulants usually include a type of caffeine, beta-alanine, or something similar. If you’re looking for this in a creatine-based supplement, you may be in luck, however, these are only in some proprietary blends.

Endurance complex – What’s a workout without endurance? If your personal trainer is absolutely kicking your butt and you just need something to make yourself not dread the workouts, an endurance complex in your workout supplement is key. In having this, you support the nitric oxide release.

Now that you’ve got the basic run down on what’s in your pre-workout, what you should look for and what it should do, you should also take your price into account. Shelling out a ton of money doesn’t make it the best purchase because the individual price doesn’t equate to a perfect product – just that company’s profit projection. You should also look at the cost versus the servings per container that you purchase, along with how long this specific product will last with your workouts. In knowing this, you’ll be able to save hundreds or maybe even thousands within a year.

You should also never take multiple pre-workout supplements at the same time. In doing this, your body becomes a hub for high blood pressure or heart problems, causing issues during workout. Your heart may fail if you give it too much to handle along with working out. You should also never consume any type of energy drink alongside your pre-workout supplement, or during your workout. It’s encouraged to not consume any at all, regardless of when you took the supplement.

The Final Verdict

There are thousands of pre-workout supplements on the market, and it may seem like a daunting task to try and find one that works for you because it takes so long to actually know if it works for you. However, I was able to round up the best on the market for the best prices. My personal favorite on this list was the Legion Athletics Legion Pulse Pre Workout Supplement, as it comes with quite the punch in a little pack. It’s one I’d highly recommend, as it’s for both men and women and has a lot of supplements to aid in the performance of the body before, during, and after working out.