The Best Weight Loss Pills for Women [Top 9 Fat Burners of 2019]

best diet pills for women

Whether you have a slower metabolism or just a long way to go toward your weight loss goals, everyone needs a little help now and then. That’s where diet pills can lend a hand. But with literally hundreds of options on the market, and with some of them having potentially dangerous side effects, how do you choose the right diet pill for your fitness goals? Not to worry. We’ve done the research, sifted through the duds, and compiled the 9 best (and safest) weight loss pills of 2019.

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Our research concluded that these are the 9 best weight loss pills for women:

  1. Lean-XT Non-Stimulant Fat Burner
  2. Sheer Fat Burner for Women 2.0
  3. Atrafen Elite
  4. Evlution Nutrition Lean Mode
  5. Skinny Gal Weight Loss for Women
  6. SHRED HER Natural Fat Burner
  7. RARI Nutrition Lean Genes Fat Burner
  8. Skinny Mini Detoxifying Fat Burner for Women
  9. Thermo Pure Natural Fat Burner

Why Should Women Take a Fat Burner?

If you are looking for some miracle snake oil that simply melts the pounds off while you sit back and do nothing you may have watched too many late-night infomercials. But that doesn’t mean that fat burners don’t work. If you are eating a balanced diet and following through on your exercise plan (which should include both resistance training and low impact cardio), a fat burner can do wonders to boost your metabolism, give you more energy while on reduced calories, and help kickstart your progress so you can reach your goals faster. Best of all, there are plenty of non-stimulant options on the market that can give you a boost without any of the negative side effects.

Things to Look for in Your Diet Pill


This may seem like a no-brainer but it is worth mentioning. Caffeine is world’s most popular “drug” for a reason. It can also be found in dark chocolate and green tea, along with many other beverages – and it is also featured in many weight loss supplements. Here’s why:

  • It boosts your metabolism by 3-11%.
  • It increases fat burning by 29%.

It gives you energy, reduces appetite to make it easier to avoid snacking, and even improves your mood. Be wary, though; consuming too much caffeine will lead to tolerance, so you’ll want to take breaks from time to time.

Appetite Suppressants

It’s hard changing your diet to suit the new you, but it’s something that might need to happen. And when you switch from fatty foods to leaner, healthier ones there can be a gap in the calorie intake your body is used to. Appetite suppressants help diminish food cravings and hunger pains which will make binging or splurging easier to avoid. Again, fat burners should be taken alongside a healthy diet and exercise, but looking for an appetite suppressant can help you get over the initial hump of changing your diet. Look for things like glucomannan, phenethylamine, simmondsin, and 5-HTP.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

The difference between normal coffee and the green type is that the latter didn’t go through the roasting process. Not only are these green coffee beans very rich in caffeine, but they also have chlorogenic acid. Caffeine, as mentioned, can increase fat burning while the chlorogenic acid breaks down the carbohydrates in the gut.

Studies were also done on people who want to lose weight. The results of 3 studies show that people who received green bean extract were able to lose 2.5 more kg than those who were administered placebos.

Green Tea Extract

Just like coffee, green tea is also very rich in caffeine. But what separates it from coffee as a fat burner is the fact that it also has an antioxidant called EGCG, a powerful fat burner. It works by increasing the norepinephrine activity, which is the hormone responsible for fat burning. Many people claim that green tea extract has helped them to get rid of the fat around the belly area, improving their weight loss plans significantly.

Red Pepper and Ginger

Sometimes, a combo is what you need to increase the productivity of your body. Spicy foods are great when it comes to fat burning because they can speed up your metabolism. The burn you feel in your mouth can literally burn the fat in your body as well. Plus, it decreases your overall caloric intake and decreases your hunger for a longer period.

If you enjoy spicy foods, then for you, burning fat would be something as simple as eating. You can also look for extracts at the local supplement store. A few drops of such an extract will keep your body going for a while.


Made out from the active substances of sesame oil, Sesamin works wonders as a fat burner. High in antioxidants, Sesamin seems to turn on a specific set of receptors from the muscles. Once the said receptors (PPAR alpha) will activate, the body’s ability to decrease fat storage and increase fat burning will also activate.

While Sesamin works just as well by itself, it can also be combined with TTA (Tetradecylthioacetic Acid). Since this fatty acid has sulfur bound to its molecules, it prevents the body from storing the fat, and thus, promoting even more fat burning.

Lipolytic Agents and Fat Transporters

The process in which your body releases fat from its cells is called lipolysis and lipolytic agents will stimulate this process. These are naturally released in the body when you exercise, but if you want to keep the process going or boost the efficiency lipolytic agents will help you do this. Though releasing fat from the cells and into the bloodstream is great, but unless it has another way to circulate the body your cells will simply absorb them once again. That’s where fat transporters come in and they do exactly what they sound like they would. They transport fat from the bloodstream into other parts of the body so they can be flushed out.

The 9 Best Fat Burner Diet Pills for Women

After testing over a dozen of the most popular fat burners on the market for 30 days each, my team has compiled the best of the best below.

Lean-XT Non-Stimulant Fat Burner

Lean-XT Non-Stimulant Fat Burner

Thought by many to be the most effective fat burner on the market today, Lean-XT claims to reduce body fat by boosting metabolism and suppressing hunger cravings. While certainly not a female-focused brand, Jacked Factory is popular among the bodybuilders and fitness community for a variety of supplements they offer. This supplement, in particular, contains four key ingredients:

  • Bioperine
  • Green tea extract
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • Coleus Forskohlii root extract

The first ingredient, Bioperine, is one you don’t typically see in fat burners. This is a patented version of piperine, the active ingredient in black pepper. It has numerous benefits such as increasing metabolism, boosting dopamine and serotonin levels, and most importantly, increasing the level of absorption of nutrients within your body.

Up next is a 500mg dose of green tea extract, which is a natural and highly effective metabolism booster. This is one of the most tried and true natural fat burning ingredients out there and Lean-XT packs a nice hefty dose of it. Though green tea alone works great for weight loss, it gets more effective when mixed with other ingredients, such as Bioperine and Acetyl Carnitine.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body. This ingredient is said to produce energy, reduce fatigue, prevent muscle soreness, and improve your mental performance.

Lastly, Coleus Forskohlii root extract is in the mix helping to further boost metabolism, reduce fatigue, and regulate hormone levels in the user’s body. An added bonus, particularly for women, is its ability to help increase bone density.

The Good

  • Excellent ingredient profile
  • Non-stimulant
  • Promotes increased energy and metabolic rate
  • Improves mood

The Bad

  • Some users report declining effects after only 1-2 weeks

The Verdict

Lean-XT is one of the highest rated fat burners on the market for a reason. If you’re looking for a safe, non-stimulant boost to your diet and exercise plan, look no further. Best of all, because it contains no caffeine or coffee bean extracts, it can be stacked with other supplements such as pre-workout drinks or thermogenics.

Sheer Fat Burner for Women 2.0

Sheer Fat Burner for Women

Whether you are looking to tone those thighs or slim your waist you aren’t going to want any flabbiness or fat getting in the way. That’s where this specially made Sheer fat burner for women comes into play. It is designed with a woman’s curves and nutritional needs in mind. Women tend to carry a little more body fat than men naturally and it takes some different compositions to keep the curves in line with your weight loss goals. It doesn’t help that women tend to retain more water as well, which can add a little around the waist. This fat burner is designed to safely reduce body fat and help with diminished water retention.

In addition to increased energy and metabolism, it also helps control appetite in between meals to ensure you aren’t taking in more calories than you need to fuel your body. The caffeine, in combination with the other ingredients, helps give you lasting energy and a natural metabolism boost without making you too jittery. Finally, it contains a compound known as 5-HTP which has numerous health benefits like improved mood and decreased appetite.

The Good

  • Contains mood boosters like 5-HTP, a compound that is typically taken on its own to help fight insomnia and as a mood stabilizer. A healthy diet is certainly an important part of weight loss, as well as maintaining a reasonable gym routine. However, getting a good night’s sleep can be an easy aspect to overlook.
  • 5 scientifically proven fat burning ingredients that are all natural, vegan-friendly, and free of GMOs. This is something very few fat burners can claim.
  • Specially made for women to address the specific problems women commonly have when it comes to losing weight (like fat distribution and higher water retention)

The Bad

I found that this product made my stomach uneasy the first few times I took it. I reduced my dose to 1 pill instead of 2 and that seemed to fix the problem while still providing appetite suppressing effects. After a week or so I was able to add the second pill around lunch time without suffering any negative side effects.

Atrafen Elite

Atrafen Elite

The first thing we do before testing a product is a little bit of research. We generally look at product reviews from previous customers to get a general impression of what we are dealing with. However, we always take them with a grain of salt since many of them are “sponsored” reviews. The next thing we do is look at the ingredients used and search if there are studies that can back up the manufacturer’s promises.

The ingredients found in this product are the following: raspberry ketone, African mango extract, acai fruit, green tea extract, resveratrol, caffeine anhydrous, apple cider vinegar powder, kelp and grapefruit powder.

Raspberry ketone’s abilities to aid in weight loss are still unclear as far as scientific research goes, but I know from previous experience that they do boost energy significantly. Acai fruit, on the other hand, has proven to help with weight loss, but the effects have been found to be very mild. The same goes for resveratrol. Green tea extract and green coffee bean extract both have good track records when it comes to weight loss as well, although I find them to be more of a stimulant than an appetite suppressant.

The Good

  • Impressive and well-researched ingredient list compared to most others on the market, providing increased fat burning through a variety of mechanisms.
  • Prominent energy boost. I find that if I take this supplement any later than 3 or 4pm I have trouble sleeping at night. And although they claim it doesn’t cause jitters, I found that I was a little jumpy during the first week or two.
  • Great appetite suppressant. I found the optimal dosing schedule to be one capsule before breakfast and one before lunch. When taking it this way, I typically have a high protein breakfast around 8am and by lunchtime I’m still not hungry.
  • Money back guarantee

The Bad

Atrafen is more expensive than some other options out there, coming in at a little over $1/day when taken twice daily. That said, the quality of ingredients is high and they are even registered with the FDA… something that is extremely rare in this industry.

Evlution Nutrition Lean Mode

Evlution Nutrition Lean Mode

Evlution Nutrition is a Florida based supplement brand best known for their non-stimulant LeanMode fat burner product. While stimulant fat burners can be more effective, they can also be harmful over the long run, particularly for women, which makes this a great alternative to those supplements.

This fat burner contains garcinia cambogia extract, green coffee bean extract, CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and green tea leaf extract. All the ingredients are in equal 500mg quantities except the green tea leaf extract coming in at 250mg. The goal of these ingredients are not to speed up your heart rate, but rather to improve the functionality of your metabolic system so that you can burn more calories than you consume each day. In addition, it helps you reduce hunger cravings. You will consume fewer calories than your body will burn, and those excess calories will come from (partially) body fat.

The Good

  • Stimulant-free
  • All ingredient quantities are listed so you know exactly what you’re getting
  • Good combination and quantities of said ingredients
  • Boosts metabolism to help burn more fat
  • Appetite suppressants make you feel less hungry throughout the day

The Bad

  • The weight loss properties of all the ingredients are not proven
  • Although it is non-stimulant, some report stimulant-like effects while taking it (likely from GCB extract)

The Verdict

This supplement is ideal for women looking for something safe that can help boost their weight loss goals. As with any non stim fat burner, the ingredients require further research to prove their weight loss efficacy, but the vast majority of buyers are in agreement that this supplement works very well. Best of all, there is very little risk of side effects.

Skinny Gal Weight Loss for Women

Skinny Gal Weight Loss for Women

Skinny Gal diet pills are formulated specially for women to help them achieve their weight loss goals faster and easier. In addition to thermogenic agents, it also contains appetite suppressants for a nice one-two combo. That said, thermogenic fat burners can have side effects when abused, so this product is not for anyone under age 18.

This supplement features a combination of Garcinia cambogia, African Mango, CLA, white kidney bean, and a propriety thermogenic fat burning blend. This large ingredient list not only boosts metabolism and helps you burn more calories even while at rest, but it helps curb hunger and even blocks carbohydrates from being converted to fat. The overall result is you eating less, having more energy, and dropping pounds faster than you ever could on your own.

The Good

  • All natural ingredients designed for women
  • Made in the USA in GMP certified labs
  • Works as both fat burner and appetite suppressant
  • Helps block excess carbs from converting to fat
  • No jitters

The Bad

  • Some of the ingredients are a little light in the dosage
  • Proprietary blend doesn’t tell you how much ingredient you’re getting
  • More expensive than other options

The Verdict

While there is room for improvement, particularly in the quantity of ingredients per serving, the supplement does pack a punch when used consistently. And the combination of thermogenic fat burners, appetite suppressants, and outside the box ingredients like white kidney bean makes this a winner for anyone looking for a good thermogenic fat burner for women.

Shred Her Natural Fat Burner

shred her natural fat burner

Well, as we might hope this fat burner burns fat. Quite a shock this far into the list. But, all joking aside like every burner on our list the SHRED HER comes with some very special features of its own. Like some others, we have seen this fat burning supplement is specially designed for the weight loss needs of women specifically, so you can safely and easily shed the pound in between trips to the gym. The natural combination of ingredients is designed to diminish the negative side effects sometimes experienced by people with sensitivities while also improving your mood, boosting your metabolism, and curbing your appetite so you won’t be tempted to binge on those pesky junk food cravings or snack too much between meals. One of the specially included natural ingredients used to do all of this is the raspberry ketones found in this particular supplement. It is a naturally occurring fat burner and the raspberry additive brings some much-needed vitamins with it which also help to promote your mood and energy levels.

The Good

  • High dose of raspberry ketones. This functions as both a lipolytic agent as well as a fat transporter to help your body break down the fats in your cells and transporting them out of your body so they won’t be absorbed into your cells again. After all, burning fat doesn’t do much if your body isn’t capable of dispelling it from your body.
  • The combined effect of caffeine and green tea extract not only work together to increase your metabolism and mood but also help you clear your mind as well. The benefits of green tea for the mind, body, and soul are well documented and can definitely assist you in reaching your fitness goals – who knows, you may be able to show your friends how well it works!
  • Fairly priced. At only ~$20 for a one month supply, this is a diet pill you can take every day for weeks without breaking the bank.

The Bad

  • Proprietary blend. I’m not a fan of this because you don’t know how much of each ingredient you’re getting. Nothing more to say here.
  • Can cause jitters for some, especially early on.

RARI Nutrition Lean Genes Fat Burner

RARI Nutrition Lean Genes Fat Burner

This fat burner uses natural stimulants in order to boost metabolism and give you a boost of energy while controlling your appetite. It is dues to this natural combination of ingredients that is intended to decrease the side effects sometimes caused by fat burning supplements. This product is also designed for use by both men and women so you don’t need to worry about any hormonal imbalances or mood swings. Accept increased levels of happiness once you start watching your body become toned and beautiful (not that it isn’t already). There is nothing wrong with being happy with yourself the way you are and still wanting to improve a little.

The Good

  • No jitters. Gives you the energy boost and metabolism kick you need to safely burn fat all day without the shakes and tremors that can occur with other fat burning supplements. This is achieved by the carefully balanced natural ingredients that help your body process the supplement without shocking your system.
  • A natural, gluten free, and non-GMO.

The Bad

  • It is a little more expensive than other products on this list. Still, coming in at just over $1 per serving, it isn’t outrageously priced.
  • Not specifically designed for women. It definitely works (for either gender) but some women may prefer a supplement that focuses on their specific fat loss issues.

Skinny Mini Detoxifying Fat Burner for Women

Skinny Mini Maximum Strength Detoxifying Fat Burner for Women

This fat burner has everything we have come to expect in a supplement to assist your work out with a little something extra, detoxifying agents. The caffeine and green tea extract help suppress appetite, boost metabolism, and improve mood for feeling great all day and having the right mindset to make good decisions and stick to your goals. It’s worth mentioning that you can consume the aforementioned twice a day for long lasting effects throughout your daily life. It also contains 5-HTP which is a supplement with major benefits all to itself. 5-HTP is often sold separately to aid in symptoms of insomnia, not just to help you get to sleep at night but also to help battle the fatigue and irritability that often comes with lack of rest. And since this one is once again designed for your womanly curves you can rest assured it will help diminish that pesky water weight and added fat.

The Good

One thing I like about the Skinny Mini fat burning supplement is its additional detoxifying agents. This makes it a good product for those of us going on a cleanse or starting a new, healthier diet. When we eat poorly the body can build up with toxins that slow fat loss and cause a variety of other negative health effects. Detoxing them from your body can help get your health back on track and kick start your weight loss program.

Additionally, the supplement contains a variety of mood boosting ingredients to help keep your mind clear and ensure you get the rest you need. 5-HTP, for instance, is often sold as a separate supplement to help increase serotonin in the brain and assist with sleep. It stands to reason that if you are not getting the proper amount of sleep, maintaining the fortitude to make healthy decisions becomes more difficult throughout the day. Many people experience what is known as decision fatigue when they don’t get enough rest. Basically, decision fatigue is when your mind gets overwhelmed and your subconscious pushes your patterns of thinking into auto-pilot. This means, if you are still adjusting to your new diet it becomes more difficult to make healthy decisions if you are unaccustomed to doing it, as your subconscious will be pushing you toward an old pattern of decisions making. Which for many includes junk food and snacking. It is also harder to avoid snacking when we are tired, as the body will often confuse exhaustion for hunger.

The Bad

While the list of ingredients on the bottle looks promising, the amount of each ingredient seems to be low, but it is hard to tell because the exact amounts are not listed.  This means you may find yourself taking several capsule per day even above the recommended dosage to see effects. For this reason, I generally do not like “proprietary blends”.

Thermo Pure Natural Fat Burner

Thermo Pure

The main ingredients in Thermo Pure are the following: Garcinia Cambogia extract (standardized to 50% HCA), gynema sylvestre extract 75%, cayenne pepper extract (fruit), Forskolin and 5-HTP. On top of that, the product also contains cellulose, hypromellose and magnesium stearate.

The first thing that draws the attention is that the ingredient found in the highest amount here is Garcinia Cambogia. This is a commonly used ingredient in appetite suppressants, although its effects are not fully proven in clinical studies.

The next ingredient on the list is gynema sylvestre; although there is not much research done on this plant as of yet, there have been some promising early conclusions drawn when it comes to weight loss properties and the ability to control sugar cravings.

Cayenne pepper has been found to help burn calories and control appetite, yet the effect is mild.

Forskolin is a natural chemical found in a plant. Although there is research that claims it is effective for asthma and heart conditions, there is not enough evidence when it comes to weight loss properties.

5-HTP is a supplement commonly used to stimulate serotonin production in the brain. Serotonin is most commonly linked to mood, but it also plays a role in appetite.

The Good

  • Non-stimulant product. Many weight loss products are loaded with caffeine that can leave you feeling jittery and uncomfortable during the day and sleepless at night.
  • I do like the mix of ingredients, and I do find that it provides a subtle but noticeable decrease in food cravings. It doesn’t seem to have major impact on energy levels, and it’s hard to say if it has any significant impact on metabolism.
  • Some may also experience a slightly improved mood due to the magnesium and 5-HTP, which is a nice touch.

The Bad

  • Effects are relatively mild compared to some other options.
  • Increasing dose to get better effects causes you to run out quick.

Some Quick Tips Before You Go

Keep a Steady Diet: One of the most important things to keep in mind when trying to lose fat is to keep things consistent. Not just your workout routine but your diet as well. If you switch things up too quickly a severe change in diet can be hard to maintain over time. Instead, gradually and steadily start making alterations and stick to them when you do. This will not only give you the energy you need in order to keep going to the gym, but it also helps stabilize your moods and reap the benefits of naturally released hormones when exercising.

Set Reasonable Goals: It’s one thing to make a weight loss plan and stick to it. It is quite another thing to make sure that plan is designed with reasonable expectations in mind. One of the biggest things that makes people give up on weight loss is getting discouraged, and this is bound to happen if your hopes are too high. Make a plan your body can keep up with and it’s ok if you have a few setbacks here and there. Weight Loss and good health is a long-term goal, there is no reason to feel like you need to sprint to the end.

Don’t Give Up: Nothing worth having ever came easy. It’s hard achieving new goals, especially if those goals mean completely changing your diet or your lifestyle, but you made up your mind about making a change and you are going to do it! You just have to hang in there. This goes along with setting reasonable goals, but it also helps if you take weekly photos so you can see your progress as well as having something to work for that will make you proud. Try buying a pair of pants a size smaller than the ones you wear now so in a month or two you can try them on and have something to show for all your progress. There are plenty of forums to join online to stay motivated and talk to people with the same goals. Additionally, there are lots of apps you can download straight to your phone to mark your progress. However, you choose to stay motivated just keep in mind that good things take time and no you can’t rush perfection.

The Final Verdict

All of these are great products, and the one that is right for you will largely depend on your preferences and the intensity of your weight loss goals. However, taking all the objective information into consideration, we’ve decided the best of the best is Sheer Fat Burner for Women. This product not only produced the most fat loss results in our tests, but side effects were minimal and the price is right. We can safely recommend Sheer Fat Burner for Women as our #1 choice for 2018.